1 Moncler JW Anderson SS21 Launches Podcast, Film Curation

The multi-disciplinary programs offer an immersive voyage through fashion and film.

At the heart of the 1 Moncler JW Anderson SS21 collection is a life of adventure. From functional, travel-ready silhouettes to nautical details like sail stitching, the collection embodies the idea of a nomadic lifestyle. Designer Jonathan Anderson’s second collaboration with Moncler, the collection’s vision extends beyond the runway. To coincide with the collection’s launch, Moncler has launched a new podcast series and film curation. Both programs serve to further the collection’s themes across disciplines.

Image courtesy of Moncler

The Moncler Genius Podcast series has already released its inaugural episode on Spotify, a conversation between Anderson and Serpentine Galleries director Hans Ulrich Obrist. The duo discusses travel as an experience both in their lives and in the vision of the collection. Forthcoming episodes promise more Moncler Genius designers, ready to unpack their collections and inspirations across the arts and humanities. Offering an intimate look at the making of a collection, the podcast is sure to interest longtime Moncler fans, aspiring designers, and casual fashion fans alike.

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The collection’s tie-in film curation is available on MUBI, a streaming service focused on hosting a refined selection of global films. Hand-picked by JW Anderson, the curation includes cult classics like Swept Away, Three Crowns of a Sailor, and Vagabond alongside newer releases, such as 2017’s I am not a Witch. The films vary in length, language, and style. Still, the narrative of a nomad living a transient lifestyle is present in all of them. In particular, many of the films celebrate the freedom of escaping at sea. This is a fitting touch given the nautical elements of the collection.

Image courtesy of Moncler

Moncler’s immersive experience doesn’t end here. The final media to enhance the collection is a limited-edition zine. It will feature a printed version of the conversation from the podcast’s first episode. The itinerant theme at the center of that conversation is heightened by the inclusion of imagery created to match the collection’s wandering spirit. As the most limited-edition of the collection’s three tie-ins, the zine is a fitting end to the latest Moncler Genius experience. It’s an ephemeral token of a collection that’s forever seeking the next journey.

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