10 Stunning Pieces of Jewelry for Mother's Day

10 Stunning Pieces of Jewelry for Mother's Day

10 Stunning Pieces of Jewelry for Mother's Day

Gold or silver, earrings or bracelets, these are the pieces of jewelry your mother will love.

Gold or silver, earrings or bracelets, these are the pieces of jewelry your mother will love.

Text: Trishna Rikhy

May 9th is just around the corner, which means with Mother’s Day approaching nearer and nearer, a new piece of jewelry might just be on your mom’s mind. Whether yours is the mother who wants something bold and edgy, shiny and gold, or the mother who wants something dainty and simple, feminine and elegant, there’s a finely crafted piece of jewelry out there she’ll love this Mother’s Day. Don’t know where to start? Read on for 10 pieces of jewelry your mother will love.

1. Made by Mary Nora Disc Necklace

Image via Made by Mary

A beautiful and timeless pendant, the Nora is a dainty piece of jewelry your mom will love. On a top disc, choose a stamp ranging from a birth flower to a rainbow; on the bottom, add up to 7 characters to spell a name, date, anything. Personal and sentimental, your mom will keep this for years to come.

Shop the Nora Disc Necklace for $72 here.

2. Haverhill Personalized 7 Birthstone Bracelet 14k Gold

Image via Haverhill

Customize a sleek, charming bracelet with 7 birthstones to give your mom a meaningful piece of you this Mother’s Day. Each of the 7 stones is completely changeable—alternate between yours and hers, yours and your siblings, or make the whole 14k gold chain cohesive. The possibilities are endless, but the outcome is guaranteed happiness.

Shop the Personalized 7 Birthstone Bracelet in 14k Gold for $330 here.

3. Dior Dio(r)evolution Bracelet

Image via Dior

Delicate, bright and timeless, the Dio(r)evolution bracelet is a brilliant accent piece to adorn the wrist of your beloved mother. Featuring a gold-finish metal chain with the “D.I.O.R” letters draped in crystal multicolor pavé, this is at once fun and elegant, just the right addition to any mother’s collection.

Shop the Dior Dio(r)evolution Bracelet for $590 here.

4. Miansai Mommy & Me ID Chain Bracelet

Image via Miansai

Miansai’s Mommy & Me collection makes Mother’s Day simple: a bracelet for mom, a bracelet for daughter. With fine jewelry coming in matching sets, customizable, ever-lasting pieces underscore the bond between mom and child. The ID Bracelet is a perfect gift, complete with a lobster clasp and thin bar that can be engraved with custom words.

Shop the Miansai ID Bracelet for $950 here.

5. Tiffany & Co. Link Earrings

Image via Tiffany & Co

Tiffany HardWear is the perfect gift for the mother who is young at heart, a contemporary spirit in the modern world. Elegant yet edgy, these subversive silver earrings capture the urban spirit, built with an iconic gauge link style to define the ears and be a truly remarkable gift.

Shop the Tiffany & Co. Link Earrings for $1,250 here.

6. Alexander McQueen Tubular Choker

Image via Alexander McQueen

Give your mom a simple, stunning statement piece this year. The Tubular Choker by Alexander McQueen is bold and sophisticated, a regal antique-gold finished tube with a hinge closure that rests just at the collarbone and accents the neckline.

Shop the Alexander McQueen Tubular Choker for $1,290 here.

7. Monica Rich Kosann 18k Yellow Gold Anna Locket

Image via Monica Rich Kosann

If yours is the type of mom who responds “Something personal!” when asked what kind of gift she wants, this is the necklace for her. What better piece of jewelry than a locket that can hold whatever she wants—a picture of her children, her family, her favorite pet? A sentimental favorite, this antique-inspired oval locket holds two images and dangles from a beautiful diamond cut chain.

Shop the Monica Rich Kosann Anna Locket for $1,395 here.

8. Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace

Image via BVLGARI

Unique and feminine, this elegant necklace brings all the allure and enchantment of the city to a rose gold chain adorned with an unmistakably refined mother of pearl pendant. Inspired by Italian beauty and the Roman Baths, this gift holds a history and a sense of luxury—a seamless gift for the spirit of Mother’s Day.

Shop the Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace for $2,070 here.

9. Louis Vuitton Empreinte Pendant

Image via Louis Vuitton

In glistening yellow gold, Louis Vuitton’s dainty, sweet pendant is a wonderful gift for the mom who likes simplicity intertwined with luxury. Inspired by historic Louis Vuitton trunk accents, this 18-carat yellow gold pendant features a Monogram Flower cut-out motif in a playfully circular shape, vibrant and youthful, modern and chic.

Shop the Louis Vuitton Empreinte Pendant for $2,470 here.

10. Cartier Clash de Cartier Hoop Earrings

Image via Cartier

For a unique pair of hoops on the edgier side, Cartier’s fine craftsmanship is exuded heavily in these pink-gold earrings. Made with the duality of contrasts in mind, these are simultaneously delicate and rebellious, a feat of accessorizing made by one of the world’s most renowned jewelry makers.

Shop the Cartier Clash de Cartier Hoop Earrings for $7,500 here.

Credits: Image via Miansai


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