10 Stylish Necklaces to Level Up Any Wardrobe

10 Stylish Necklaces to Level Up Any Wardrobe

10 Stylish Necklaces to Level Up Any Wardrobe

These chains and charms can take any look to the next level.

These chains and charms can take any look to the next level.

Text: Siena Ballotta Garman

Jewelry is a storied human art form, and one of the most remarkable things about this longstanding element of fashion is its continued use of traditional techniques and iconography even as it changes with the times. The necklaces here are both classic and current, some of them featuring designs that could be found in the ancient world, and all of them expertly crafted for the modern VMAN.

Maison Margiela Logo Ring Necklace

A ring necklace is a classic accent piece, and this one from Italian brand Maison Margiela has a rustic, antique look. The engraved, silver-toned brass construction is one of timeless elegance.

Shop the Logo Ring Necklace for $415 here.

Miansai Mini Dove Cable Chain Necklace

Miansai uses traditional reproduction techniques to give pieces a vintage flair. This double-pendant necklace is made of gold vermeil and teal enamel. It features a dove, the classic symbol of peace, and there's a monogram option as well.

Shop the Mini Dove Cable Chain Necklace for $175 here.

Luis Morais Gold-Tone Necklace

In a funny inversion of typical necklace design, this Luis Morais necklace features a lobster fastening clasp as the charm itself.

Shop the Gold-Tone Necklace for $4,538 here.

éliou Senna Necklace

éliou is a favorite of Instagram and of stars such as Harry Styles. Italian millefiori beads are perfect for springtime, incorporating bright colors and floral motifs.

Shop the Senna Necklace for $85 here.

Alighieri The Curator Necklace

London-based jewelry company Alighieri creates pieces based on Dante's Divine Comedy. This necklace shows the hand as a symbol of protection, referencing Dante's guide and curator, Virgil. The hand charm is an emblem designed to keep you safe on all your adventures.

Shop The Curator Necklace for $387.84 here.

Stolen Girlfriends Club Falling Claw Necklace

A yellow citrine stone set in silver makes this necklace the perfect statement piece. The sunny stone is a centerpiece for the necklace's sculptural design, which would look great layered with other pieces.

Shop the Falling Claw Necklace for $259 here.

Nialaya Baroque Pearl Choker

Pearls are on-trend right now, and this chunky pearl choker has been seen on the likes of Shawn Mendes and Maluma. Freshwater pearls add shimmer to any outfit.

Shop the Baroque Pearl Choker for $139 here.

Alan Crocetti Fireball Necklace

Alan Crocetti pushes the boundaries of men's jewelry while remaining true to traditional craftsmanship methods. This gorgeously sculpted necklace charm is a flame that never goes out.

Shop the Fireball Necklace for $228.61 here.

Peyote Bird Aldrich Art Turquoise Dog Tag Necklace

For a touch of Western style, try this Colorado-made dog tag necklace featuring the classic turquoise shade.

Shop the Aldrich Art Turquoise Dog Tag Necklace for $625 here.

le gramme medal entrelacs (3g)

Shop the medal entrelacs (3g) for $1,520 here.

As the name suggests, French brand le gramme measures their jewelry in grams. The resulting simple, utilitarian pieces are made with the utmost care and attention to detail. This one features interlocking rings merging into a polished final form.

Credits: Photos courtesy of brands. Cover image courtesy of YouTube.


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