3 Last Minute Holiday Getaways

3 Last Minute Holiday Getaways

Check out some quick vacation alternatives as the holidays fast approach.

Check out some quick vacation alternatives as the holidays fast approach.

Ah, vacation—what a concept. The holidays are fast approaching, and with them, our chance to escape. No matter what you seek refuge from, be it work, your family or the bitter cold, any excuse is a good one. With just about a month before the storms of festive madness ensue, time could not be more of the essence. With that said, there are a number of alternative getaway options that don't involve fiscal guilt for overpriced hotel rooms, or enduring a layover for a cheap flight across the Atlantic.

1. Upstate R&R

If you're not opposed to subzero climate, arctic temperatures can totally be a look! In all seriousness, a moment on the mountains can easily be as restorative as a piña colada on the beach. Dear Mountain Inn, just two hours away from New York City on the foot of the Catskills, offers luxury lodging in its intimate, six-bedroom main cabin. The property spans 168 acres, which includes hiking trails, rolling hills, campfires and two cottages for larger groups. The Inn actually sits in what used to be a buzzing ski town, which is now in the midsts of a slow, but sure revival as visitors begin to ditch Montauk out east for mountains up north. Gather a group, bundle up and set out for an easy, unwinding weekend upstate.

Deer Mountain Inn, Upstate New York. Image courtesy of Deer Mountain Inn.

2. The Closest Beach

If, still, you long to sit under a scorching sun amongst bikini-clad beach bunnies, then as you know, Miami is your quickest ticket and December is the time to go. With the much anticipated annual art fair, Art Basel, in close sight, the city will be buzzing in a matter of weeks. A show to note while there, is Netherlands-based artist Hajar Benjida's premiere for his "Young Thug as Paintings" exhibit at the SCOPE Art Fair. Though the official dates for Art Basel only run from December 6th to December 8th, Miami will always fit the bill for your quick beachside break. Accommodations, you ask? Where but the Miami Beach Edition, of course!?

3. Staycation

Here, we put forth a last resort still worthy of mention: The Staycation. Though perhaps not an ideal getaway to most, for those fearing commitment and aircrafts, a dream! This option is an increasingly popular alternative, thanks to the great rise of Airbnb. The traveling youth asked for approachable alternatives to hotels and the powers that be brought unto the world a revolution in hospitality. Most use the home-sharing service for travel accommodations, others who have graduated to a higher school of thought are sourcing the site for short staycations in spaces they otherwise could not afford, but for a brief boarding. Balling on a budget at its best.

Image courtesy of Airbnb


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