Stylish Sandals for Summer

Stylish Sandals for Summer

Stylish Sandals for Summer

From day to night looks and casual to formal, these are the sandals you need this summer.

From day to night looks and casual to formal, these are the sandals you need this summer.

Text: Trishna Rikhy

With summer getting closer and closer, it’s time to put your boots and snow shoes in the back of the closet and pull out your favorite pairs of sandals. Something stylish, versatile and functional is essential for the warm, sunny months—don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Read on for 7 of our top sandal picks for the summer.

Club Monaco Slides

Image via Club Monaco

Sandals meet minimal simplicity with these Club Monaco slides, padded to perfection and easy to style. These truly fit seamlessly into any summer look, as they work well with any level of elevation. From days at the beach to nighttime bonfires, these essential slides are your go-to summer shoe.

Shop the Club Monaco Slides for $50 here.

Dr. Martens Chilton Leather Slides

Image via Dr. Martens

If you’re someone who needs to have their Docs throughout the fall and winter, why stray from your taste for the summer? On-trend and ever-dynamic, Dr. Martens’ leather slides for summer are sleek and chic, with the classic yellow stitches and chunky, bold look.

Shop the Dr. Martens Chilton Leather Slides for $100 here.

Birkenstock Tatacoa

Image via Birkenstock

Birkenstocks are the classic summer shoe, and they’ve come back into the top trends recently to pair with streetwear fits throughout the summer. In plain black with a lightweight sole and three chunky straps, these are a classic pick for fit pics or days wandering and exploring.

Shop the Birkenstock Tatacoas for $170 here.

Suicoke Yellow & Grey MOTO-CAB Sandals

Image via Ssense

Crafting elevated sandals from Japan, Suicoke brings the colorful vibrancy of summertime to these on-season sandals. Padded with nylon and adorned with grey, baby pink and lemon yellow straps, these open round-toe shoes are sure to be the star of your look.

Shop the Yellow & Grey MOTO-CAB Sandals for $255 here.

Burberry Patterson Icon Stripe Sport Sandals

Image via Saks Fifth Avenue

Burberry makes elegant-yet-casual look easy with these archival striped sandals. With a simple, vintage aesthetic and molded footbed, the open-toe shoes are a go-to shoe for completing a look from head to toe (literally), adding Burberry’s timeless sophistication to the summer.

Shop the Patterson Icon Stripe Sport Sandals for $420 here.

Gucci Rubber Buckle Strap Sandal

Image via Gucci

With Gucci, summer is no excuse to dress down. Their strappy rubber sandals with an embellished double G hardware evoke sophistication persevering through the hot summer months, and with a metal feline head on the left shoe, attention to detail is everything—and these sandals are the best detail of your whole outfit.

Shop the Rubber Buckle Strap Sandal for $490 here.

Dior Alpha Sandal

Image via Dior

Dior takes sandals to a chic and edgy summertime setting with the Alpha sandals, distinguished for their iconic beige and black Dior Oblique jacquard hailing from the 60s. Adorned with black nylon bands and a Dior logo on either side, these sandals are the epitome of versatile, a best friend to day and night looks alike.

Shop the Dior Alpha Sandals for $830 here.

Credits: Image courtesy of Dior


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