8 Bangers Mark Ronson Is Behind

8 Bangers Mark Ronson Is Behind

We take a look at some of Mark Ronson's biggest hits.

We take a look at some of Mark Ronson's biggest hits.

Text: Mayzie Hopkins

Mark Ronson, the multi-faceted London born music-man of many, many talents is one to take seriously when he gets behind a track or musician. He produces, writes, DJ's and more recently helps endorse future talent with potential by founding his own record label company, Zelig Records. It seems as though anything music he touches becomes a hit- CNN said it best when they called him "The producer with the Midas Touch."

But who exactly has he worked with, and helped praise? Check out our favorite Mark Ronson backed music below.

Amy Winehouse- Back To Black

Ronson worked on the late Winehouse's Back To Black 2006 album, which won a Grammy.

Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk

While we aren't disputing that it's annoying, it did stay hanging around the charts for a very long time.

The Smiths

Ronson has re-worked various albums including Brit sad pop band of the 80s.

Lilly Allen- Littlest Things

Ronson collaborated with a younger, sneaker-and-dress-wearing Allen in 2006.


Ronson worked on many tracks for Adele, like this one.

Lady Gaga

In Gaga's Netflix documentary Ronson is often in the background producing her latest and rawest album, Joanne.

Miley Cyrus

Miley made a comeback with him in this 70s disco/country bop and we're here for it and her new hair.

King Princess- 1950

The first artist to be signed to his label was 19-year-old Mikaela Straus, who we adore here at V. See Cole Sprouse's interview with her for the magazine here.


David Hockney, As Pretty As A Picture