A Guide to VMan's Favorite Food in Berlin

A Guide to VMan's Favorite Food in Berlin

We've compiled some of our favorite places to get a great bite in Berlin. Now, all you have to do is plan a trip.

We've compiled some of our favorite places to get a great bite in Berlin. Now, all you have to do is plan a trip.

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Berlin is known for having a flourishing cultural landscape, with traditional and modern architecture and a growing art scene. As a city that currently houses a burgeoning immigrant population, a diverse and colorful culinary scene is inevitably following. Now, food in Berlin is presenting itself in a variety of ways, from street food vendors and vertical farm-to-table restaurants to Michelin starred spots with seasonal and fresh ingredients. Here are some that are so enticing, you’re going to have to plan a vacation—now. 


Located in the Mitte borough of Berlin, this intimate, basement situated, modern Japanese brasserie offers an incredible 8-course tasting menu that features incredible flavors in exotic dishes such as a sake-steamed cod, minced shrimp wrapped in lotus roots and shiso leaf, and artfully constructed homemade desserts such as a grapefruit agar gelee. They also offer an extensive sake tasting menu, a perfect place to start exploring the Asian cuisine of Berlin and the dining experience has been dubbed by VisitBerlin.com as an alternative “vacation to Tokyo”.

Good Bank

The perfect place to explore sustainable food options in Berlin, this restaurant is not only a spot to find the freshest salads in the city, but it also grows all of their own vegetables and salads self-sufficiently “right before your eyes”, as it doubles as a vertical-farm. While you eat a gin-salmon avocado salad or sip on a black-pepper, mushroom and cauliflower soup, you can look around at the fresh and healthy ingredients growing in every corner of the restaurant. Additionally, offering options for vegans and vegetarians, this spot is great for the health and environmentally conscious eater.

Nobelhart & Shmutzig

A dining experience that creates dishes around what ingredients are in peak-season, and supports local farmers that grow ingredients that are native to Berlin, producing what they call the “taste of the region”. Each meal consists of only two to four flavors per dish, making sure that the freshness and quality of each part of the meal is the main focus. The cooking happens right in the middle of the room surrounded by a “counter” where you can watch your food being prepared and dine on wholesome-sounding dishes such as “Hazelnut / Juniper”, “Oat Infusion”, or “Lamb / Carrot”. If you're looking to try new things without going too far out of your comfort zone, Nobelhart & Shmutzig is perfection. 

Markthalle Neun

This indoor food marketplace offers food options from all over the world. You can find African and Middle Eastern delicacies or an endless variety of options that differ on every day of the week. The food hall takes pride “in the respectful treatment of humans, animals and the environment”, yet another food option that you can feel good about. You can grab a great bottle of wine, an exotic cheese, fresh produce, and more for your pantry, or visit various vendors for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


This German, French, and South American influenced restaurant is a perfect place to experience a fusion of flavors and is especially renowned for their breakfast, which features salmon-stuffed croissants, lomo ibérico with Manchego cheese, or their speciality, the eponymous ‘Koyote,’ a delicious baguette with homemade bean cream gratin, cheese, egg, and homemade guacamole.

Check out some of the featured restaurants and feast your eyes below.



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