A Peek Into Warhol’s Creative Agenda: Yellowpop x The Andy Warhol Foundation

A collection of LED neon art designs pays homage to Warhol’s legacy by aiming to reintroduce his art to the masses and spotlight his creative process.

This fall, the worldwide home decor brand, Yellowpop has decided to link forces with The Andy Warhol Foundation on a unique limited-edition collection of neon lights to celebrate one of the world’s most prolific and beloved visual artists of the 20th century, Andy Warhol. With an intention to spotlight the pop-art legend’s work through a new and refined lens, the collection of LED neon art designs will seek to reintroduce his art to people and highlight his creative process.

The licensed collaboration features six of Warhol’s most celebrated artworks in LED neon form inspired by the late artist’s cutting-edge yet playful approach to art. This limited-edition collection includes Flowers, Campbell’s soup can, Banana, Cow, Brillo, and most notably Marilyn, inspired by Warhol’s iconic “Shots Sage Blue Marilyn,” which recently set a new record as the most expensive painting from the 20th century sold at an auction. Two of the Yellowpop neon designs, the Four Marilyns and the Flowers Deluxe sets, will include a Yellowpop NFT, where holders can access exclusive membership perks such as a lifetime discount, early collection drops, and exclusive events.

Jeremy Cortial, Co-Founder of Yellowpop shared, “Through his foundation, Andy Warhol has always been at the top of our wish list for a collaboration. With this collection and campaign, we pay homage to Warhol’s legacy as one of the greatest artists by highlighting his most iconic pieces of work in a new form.”

Starting on October 13th, The Yellowpop x Andy Warhol collection is available for purchase in limited quantities at Yellowpop. Customers can gain early access to the collection on October 12 by signing up on Yellowpop now.

Pricing for the Yellowpop x Andy Warhol collection ranges from $329-$2,499.

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