An Afternoon with G-Eazy

An Afternoon with G-Eazy

An Afternoon with G-Eazy

Rapper of the moment G-Eazy talks to VMAN about his first Fashion Week experience, and his plans to launch his own fashion brand.

Rapper of the moment G-Eazy talks to VMAN about his first Fashion Week experience, and his plans to launch his own fashion brand.

Text: Adair Smith

You’ve been really good at keeping a consistent image since you started your career and you really seem to have found your identity as an artist early on, talk a bit about your look and what you want people to vibe from it.

Knowing yourself and staying true to that is extremely important. As an artist, having a strong identity that sets you apart is everything, but it’s gotta be genuine. I’ve always liked wearing all black. I originally took that from my hero, Johnny Cash, and just built on it in my own way. Whether it’s skinny jeans and a leather jacket, or a YSL suit, or street wear. I have to be able to be myself in whatever world I step into, I think that’s crucial, whether it’s a board meeting, or an arena concert, or a party or a session with whatever artist or producer I’m working with.

Has fashion always been something important in terms of your own image and branding?

I’ve always loved clothes, even before I could afford what I wanted. I would just stretch what I had and make it work as best as I could. I think fashion is just another way of expressing yourself, especially as an artist and I think it has a big impact on the way people receive you. Like it or not, people are gonna react to your music differently if they know what you look like, for better or for worse.

How was your first NYFW?

It was dope. I had a great time. Any kind of event that brings that many people together is rad because you run into tons of people you wouldn’t normally see that often, artists and other people in the industry you know, just ending up at the same shows and parties.

Was it what you expected?

Yeah for the most part. It’s dope tapping into worlds that you don’t know as well as your own. I obviously live and breathe music, so I can get jaded sometimes when I go to concerts because I’ve seen so many, but when I step into somebody else’s world it’s dope because it’s new to me for the most part so I experience it differently.

You went to a lot of shows and parties; which were your favorites?

Opening Ceremony was fucking incredible… I was moved by it, I thought the way they went about it and told a story like that through clothes and dance was extremely creative. The clothes and songs were curated perfectly, and felt symbolic for the different phases that a couple goes through in the ups and downs of any relationship. It was absolutely beautiful.

Where does the inspo for your style and overall vibe come from?

I’ve always wanted my style to have a timeless feel to it, so I draw a lot of inspiration from past eras and decades. Whether it’s rolled up sleeves and tucked in t shirts, or moto jackets and boots, or streetwear that’s reminiscent.

Who are some people you look up to in terms of style?

Hedi Slimane, Steve McQueen, James Dean, Pharrell, A$AP Rocky, Nas, Virgil, Kanye, Johnny Cash. Kind of all over the place I guess.

Who are your favorite designers? Both designer and streetwear.

YSL, Supreme, Undercover, Dries Van Noten, Raf, Palace, Gucci, Dior, Comme Des Garcon, etc.

Music and fashion have started to come hand in hand, is fashion something you want to get more into?

Absolutely, the only challenge is not spreading yourself too thin. I’m the kind of person who wants to go all the way into whatever I do, and try to kill anything I put my hands on, whether that’s acting, making music, touring, modeling, designing clothes, etc. But I’m only human, and I have the same 24 hours in my day that you have in yours, so it’s just finding ways to keep a balance and make the time for what you’re passionate about.

You have such a distinct look that is very rocker and kind of old school but also skater and hip-hop, how exactly would you describe it?

It’s eclectic, that’s the only way I can really describe it. I think about the different stuff I was exposed to as a kid growing up, what I’ve been inspired by, what I’ve been interested in, it’s all over the place, so I guess that reflects in my style.

Tell me a bit about how your style and music go hand in hand.

It’s all synonymous because it’s all a reflection of who I am and what I stand for and what I represent. Ideally, they create a cohesive aesthetic that gives anybody who follows me a certain vibe. The all black in my mind represents a rebellious spirit, and that’s what a lot of my music has in it too.

Can we expect anything new fashion related coming soon?

My merch isn’t really merch in the traditional sense, I’m always working on new designs with my team and developing that into a full blown clothing line, we’re working on a sub division of my brand right now called Delinquents, so stay tuned for that.



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