All About Mark Ronson

All About Mark Ronson

All About Mark Ronson

The ever-rising star is only getting bigger–and he's slated for an Oscar win this week.

The ever-rising star is only getting bigger–and he's slated for an Oscar win this week.

Text: Zoe Elefterin

If you aren’t already acquainted with the musical powerhouse that is Mark Ronson, it’s about time that V educate you. The British songwriter, producer and DJ is the right hand man to some absolute legends; he was a cowriter on Nothing Breaks Like a Heart with Miley Cyrus, and is nominated for an Oscar for Shallow with Lady Gaga. He's had a come-up that’s filled with all kinds of mega credits on Grammy-winning tracks and, chances are, he’s probably had a hand in some of your favorite artist’s songs.

He warned the world of Lady Gaga’s transition away from dance pop.

Lady Gaga performing "Shallow" with Mark Ronson at the Grammy Awards.

He was the main producer on her Joanne album, known for being a stripped down version of the pop-icon. He said before the album released, that Gaga is “happiest when she’s sitting at a piano barking orders at a drummer.” This was a perfect transition into an even more soulful performance in A Star Is Born, of which Ronson also has writing credit.

He was part of the genius behind Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black album.

Ronson performing with Winehouse.

He produced most of the songs on the late singer’s masterpiece album, including Rehab and Back to Black, a song he wrote overnight after meeting Winehouse. He also got his first Grammy nomination for this album, for ‘Producer of the Year, Non Classical’. He told The Telegraph that “When [Winehouse] wrote, there was no editing. It came out like, this is the truth and this is how it’s gonna stay.”

He has seven Grammy Awards.

With his 2016 Grammy for "Record of the Year".

It would be insane for us to cover Mark Ronson and not give a list of his impressive accolades. His awards include ‘Record of the Year’ for his song Uptown Funk with Bruno Mars in 2016 and for Rehab with Amy Winehouse in 2008, and 'Best Song Written for Visual Media' for Shallow.

He was the DJ at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Wedding.

Ronson in his earlier DJ days, in 2012.

He had his come up in the music industry as a DJ, working primarily with hip-hop music before he made his full transition into producing. Of course, DJ’ing a wedding of this magnitude is no small feat. Back in 2010, he told Spin, Tom Cruise “just wanted to hear 50 Cent and Kanye the whole time. But I did play the Top Gun theme.”

He's the owner of  Zelig Records. 

Ronson and King Princess.

The record label, an imprint of Columbia Records, is home to one of V's favorite upcoming artists, King Princess. Last year, she told Billboard,  “I met him because he listened to my music, and he fucked with it, so we had dinner. It was like an adorable first date. Now he’s my dad. I love him so much. I’m not a good listener, but I do try to listen to him because I like what he says. He cares.” Obviously, Ronson is playing his cards right. We can only hope for a collab. Soon, pls?


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