All We Know About “Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Experience”

Kanye West recently came to NYC to present the final listening of his new album “Jesus Is King”

Throughout his career, Kanye West has thrived on being unpredictable. And his fans embraced the unknown, held tightly and loyally to the notion that they are always on the cusp of meeting a brand new Yeezy.

But for a while now, Kanye has remained consistent with a vulnerable side of himself: his spirituality. His newest album Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Experience is the musical proclamation of his divinity. People around the world have witnessed, either in person or through social media, the Sunday Services that Kanye hosts. While those weekly experiences offer a glimmer into the world of his beliefs, now with the release of this album, listeners will have the rare, boundless opportunity to hear Kanye’s combination of music and spirituality.

On September 29 in Washington Heights, 1,000 eager fans gathered at the United Palace Theater to hear the final listening of the album. The release date of the album has not yet been announced but a leak of some album artwork was. Kim Kardashian teased on Instagram that the full album would be released that evening, but it never happened. In an effort to calm anxious fans, Jesus is King memorabilia has been released. And the website boasts that all purchases made online in the United States will receive an automatic digital download of the album once it’s released.

The reason behind the delay has not been announced, but this is not the first time a Kanye West album release has been postponed. Last year, Yandhi was scheduled to be released on November 23, but the songs were never officially released.

It could be his enduring perfectionism. It could be the cannon of ideas constantly firing so strong that the project never feels completely finished. Or it could be that he hasn’t received a sign from God that the time is right. The exact reasoning behind the delay is not certain, but what is certain is that as days pass, the suspense is mounting.

All of this suspense may be intentional as his film Jesus is King, filmed and directed by longtime photographer Nick Knight, will be in IMAX theaters worldwide on Friday, October 25.

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