Austin-Based Rapper Abhi The Nomad Drops New Track

“Long Nights” features Brooklyn-based rapper Khary and has a music video reminiscent of Black Mirror.

With the first track off his new album Abhi vs. The Universe, due out this fall, Abhi The Nomad’s “Long Nights” features Brooklyn-based rapper Khary and is joined by a Black Mirror-esque music video. Filmed in his at-home studio, the video transports Abhi into a virtual reality video game while the lyrics to his new track jump around the screen to the beat.

“Musically, the song wrote itself, it has a pop-rock and emo feel and speaks to a genre of music I listened to quite a lot growing up: Green Day, Sum 41 and Blink 182,” Abhi said of the track. “The song is about a girl not calling you back and feeling like you’re not worth any love, which is a feeling I’ve felt many times, ‘til recently.”

Born in Southern India to a teacher and a diplomat, the rapper isn’t kidding with the “Nomad” in his name, growing up in Beijing, Hong Kong, New Delhi, and the Fiji islands. When Abhi was 18 he headed to California and recorded his debut EP Where Are My Friends, but then his student visa expired, so he moved back to India and then to France to finish his first full-length record Marbled.

But now Abhi is starting to settle in, “I’m doing things now that I never would have imagined,” he said. “I spent my whole life moving around, just waiting for whatever was coming next, and now that I can finally sit still and be at peace for a minute, I feel more comfortable than ever pushing myself and breaking new ground as an artist.”

Listen to Abhi The Nomad’s new ground with “Long Nights”.

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