Axwell /\ Ingrosso Discuss Their Show at the Ultra Music Festival

Axwell /\ Ingrosso Discuss Their Show at the Ultra Music Festival

Sweden’s top DJ duo spoke with us about Miami debauchery, their new music, and their V Snapchat takeover.

Sweden’s top DJ duo spoke with us about Miami debauchery, their new music, and their V Snapchat takeover.

Text: Thomas Freeman

This weekend, the world’s preeminent DJs and their legions of followers descend on downtown Miami en masse. But it isn’t for the champagne showers at E11even.

The waterfront Bayfront Park is playing host to the annual Ultra Music Festival, an outdoor EDM rager that rivals Coachella in its pro-bikini dress code and star wattage. David Guetta, Justice, Major Lazer, Tiesto, and Steve Aoki are all included in this weekend’s lineup.

One of the headlining acts is Axwell /\ Ingrosso, the DJ duo comprised of Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso from the now-disbanded group Swedish House Mafia. Their relentlessly upbeat hits, like “Sun Is Shining” and “Thinking About You,” are ubiquitous at dance dens the world over and unfailingly deliver that jolt of “P.L.U.R.” ravers crave.

We recently caught up with Axwell /\ Ingrosso before their big show on Saturday, where they will drop an all-new song as well as take over the V Snapchat to reveal some behind-the-scenes debauchery. They discussed the significance of Ultra, their favorite up-and-comers, their new track with Kid Ink, and their love of Face Swap.

You have played Ultra many times. What does the festival mean to you?

SEBASTIAN INGROSSO Miami is really special for us because—especially at the festival—things are born here, and things die here. People debut new stuff. What happens here mirrors the rest of the year.

Do you find a lot of inspiration at the festival?

SI We always get inspired by new stuff, especially things that are not our genre—things that may be on smaller stages or from more unknown DJs. The youngsters are always bringing cool sounds.

Who is on your radar right now?

SI We really like Klahr, who is with our label Axetone, and Salvatore Ganacci.

Your new single “I Love You Ft. Kid Ink” has a strong hip-hop component. Did that feel like new territory?

AXWELL We had an idea to incorporate an old-school, house bassline vibe with this sort of singing style of rap. It wasn’t difficult at all, actually. It was more fun to create something that sounded fresh to our ears. But we always incorporate hip-hop a little bit here and there. We used Pusha T for two songs not too long ago. When it fits the song, it will be there.

The video for “Thinking About You” is absolutely insane. How did you come up with the Face Swap concept?

A We just thought that when Face Swap came up on Snapchat that it was so much fun—like the most fun we’ve had with Internet shit in years. If someone would have showed me that technique five years ago, I would be like, “Wow, are you from space?” The fact that you can do that just on a phone is pretty ridiculous. What are we gonna do in five more years? It’s gonna be ridiculous. We wanted to incorporate it in a video, and I’m happy you think it’s insane because that was the idea.

You are taking over the V Snapchat on Saturday. What sort of debauchery can we expect?

A Hopefully some Face Swapping, but I think it is gonna be a lot of behind-the-scenes. You’ll get to see how Miami is from our point of view. We will try to get into some debauchery if that’s what you would like to see.

Definitely. Lastly, what are your plans this year besides touring?

SI We’re just working all the time in the studio and trying to finish as many songs as we can… all the time. We are aiming pretty high, and we want to do it big. That’s our plan.

The Ultra Music Festival lasts from Friday, March 24 to Sunday, March 26. Check out the full lineup here.


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