AYLØ Talks Nigerian Alté and His New Mixtape dnt'dlt

AYLØ Talks Nigerian Alté and His New Mixtape dnt'dlt

AYLØ Talks Nigerian Alté and His New Mixtape dnt'dlt

Nigerian musician AYLØ talked to us about his creative process and his involvement with the alté movement.

Nigerian musician AYLØ talked to us about his creative process and his involvement with the alté movement.

AYLØ has been releasing music and making a name for himself for some time now. He's a prominent member of the Nigerian alté (meaning "alternative") movement, which focuses on creativity and genre-bending. Just last week, he released his latest mixtape, "dnt'dlt". AYLØ sat down with us to discuss it and the background behind it.

1. Describe the Nigerian creative community in five words.

I have no honest answer. Simply because the Nigerian creative community is what it is, it’s like every other creative community in the world—its just Nigerian. It's influenced or driven by the things that are native to Nigeria—expressed or channeled however the individual chooses to express themselves.

2. What was the first song you ever wrote/created? How have you evolved as an artist since then?

I wrote a country song when I was 7, I believe. Like every other human being I’ve gone through life—by life I mean death, love, happiness, challenges, moments when this thing we call life gets too much…

I’m still here though… So all those things or journeys are influences—everything has affected me or shaped who it is you see or hear today. I’m constantly unlearning and always learning, so not sure I’m not a finished product, I’m still here, still evolving.

3. Where do you turn for inspiration? Are you more a visual or audio person?

I get inspired by life, meditation, and the aforementioned journey, I watch a lot of knowledge-based documentaries. I’d say I’m audio-visual, one necessarily can’t exist without the other—neither or audio existing in the literal sense, metaphorically speaking.

4. How has it been to see the rise of the alté movement? Where do you hope to see it go?

I honestly don't know… Hopefully, everybody keeps doing their thing and gets the recognition that they rightfully deserve.

5. For someone unfamiliar with alté, what are some songs you’d get them started with?

It really depends - Alte isn’t a lump sum of one sound. Some people do country, some people are hip hop, some people do rock, some fuse RnB… It’s all expression so sound is sound.

6. Tell me about your new single “Sassy”

Sassy is an ode to feminine sass. It’s about celebrating kinks or quirks in women that society might deem   God is a woman, its recognition for all the sh*t they take on.  You know It’s 2019 the ideology of women being subservient to men is dead. So it's my appreciation for strong, sassy women. YP and Fasina dropped their verses as well—Blessings to both.

7. What is next on your bucket list?

To avoid being labeled or categorized as an artist, with full understanding that people need context to understand…I’m just not here for being defined.

8. Is there a piece of advice that has helped you throughout your career? 

Do you.

9. How do you hope your new mixtape  ‘dnt’dlt’ will be received? What were some of the details that went into making the project?

It’s a lot of hard work that went into the tape, lots of sacrifices so I hope people enjoy it. I was couch surfing and slept on the floor to get this done LOL… So there’s a lot of personal stories—it's a journey and I’m hoping people get the message I’m trying to send.

10. Why is community so important to you?

In the grand scheme of things, looking at the big picture, I wouldn’t say that it is—I’m of the firm belief that you’re born alone and you die alone.

Check out AYLØ's new mixtape, "dnt'dlt" below.


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