Banksy Takes His "Gross Domestic Product" Shop Online

Banksy Takes His "Gross Domestic Product" Shop Online

Banksy Takes His "Gross Domestic Product" Shop Online

From Croydon, London to the World Wide Web.

From Croydon, London to the World Wide Web.

Text: Valerie Stepanova

After opening his temporary store on the corner of Church Street and Frith Road in London (and subsequently closing it after only two weeks in business), the British street art icon started selling off items that were on display at his Gross Domestic Product pop-up shop. The website was strategically set up for when the Croydon store would cease its operations. It went live early on Monday, October 14, the day Banksy’s retail outlet shut down.

Up for sale are items like the Banksy™ Ultra HD TV, the Banksy™ Vest, the Banksy™ Clutch bag and the Banksy™ Balloon Tee. All of the items released for sale were originally displayed in the brick-and-mortar pop-up.

Shoppers hoping to cop some authentic Banksy items will have to register their interest in the item before actually being able to purchase anything from the online shop.

Banksy™ Balloon Tee

Banksy™ Clutch Bag

“Applications will be grouped by the item selected and by time period (relating to the date and time they are received by us). One or more time periods per item will be selected at random by an independent third party and only applications received during the selected time period(s) will proceed to vetting. An independent judge will examine the tie-breaker questions and select those applications which the judge finds to be the aptest and original (in the sole opinion of the judge),” the website reads.

According to the anonymous artist himself, the shop was opened due to a legal wrangle with a greetings card company, which is allegedly trying to seize legal custody of his trademark to sell merchandise.

Prices for the goods that are on sale range from £10 for a Banksy™ Mug to £850 for a stab vest.

Banksy™ Vest

Credits: Images courtesy of and @banksygrossdomesticproduct


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