Best Super Bowl Ads of 2021

Best Super Bowl Ads of 2021

Best Super Bowl Ads of 2021

Here are the top 8 Ads shown at this years Super Bowl

Here are the top 8 Ads shown at this years Super Bowl

Text: Greg Marku

Whether people watch the Super Bowl for the actual game of football that takes place every February, or the wings and sandwiches, or the ads, everyone remembers the ads. Celebrities and stars come together to make spectacular ads that are for everyone. It’s the biggest night for commercials of any brand to show off what they’ve worked on this year and amaze football and non-football fans.

Cadillac — “ScissorHandsFree”

Everyone’s crush, Timothée Chalamet, plays the son of the iconic “Edward Scissorhands” in this Cadillac commercial showing their handsfree feature. Winona Ryder, who is from the original “Edward Scissorhands,” play’s Chalamet’s caring mother who introduces him to the car, something he won’t have trouble cutting up with his hands.

Cheetos - It Wasn't Me

One of the most beloved couples in Hollywood, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who co-starred in That 70’s show over 20 years ago, play a hilarious couple. Kutcher keeps finding Kunis eating his Cheetos and her only response is the title from the iconic song “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy, who also made an appearance.

Toyota - Jessica Long’s Story

This touching commercial tells the story of the call Jessica Long’s mother received from a doctor after being told of a girl from Siberia who has a condition that will have to have her legs amputated. As the call goes on, Long swims past her competition, going through every challenge, despite what the doctor’s saying. The commercial concludes with Long’s mother happily accepting her daughter and the 13x Paralympic Gold Medalist smiles at the camera triumphantly.

Uber Eats - Shameless Manipulation

Wayne’s World’s Mike Myers and Dana Carvey and rap superstar Cardi B star in this Uber Eats ad that starts off in the Wayne’s World basement. The due poke fun at how commercials manipulate viewers into buying what they’re selling while wind blows through Garth’s hair, babies wearing replicas of their clothes have ads on them, until introducing Cardi B where they do TikTok inspired clothing changes. It’s random, but hilarious.

Jeep — “The Middle ft Bruce Springsteen”

Jeep went for a different tone this year with the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, introduces a chapel in Kansas, right in the middle of the country, that is open to anyone who needs it. The theme of “The Middle” is about unity and getting through each other differences, ending with a message “To the ReUnited States of America.”

Mountain Dew — “Counting MTN DEW Major Melon with John Cena: A ONE MILLION DOLLAR Tutorial”

Just as the title suggests, the commercial is a sort of PSA on counting with John Cena saying, “Hi, I’m John Cena. And I know how to count,” after counting the new Major Melon bottles out of a light pink and green car trunk. He then tells the viewers they can win 1 million dollars if they can count the amount of their new drink bottles in their commercials. It then concludes with a dog made out of watermelons saying, “You know how to count? Now I’ve seen it all.”

M&M — “Come Together”

This commercial consists of people coming together through the power of M&M’s. People apologize for kicking someone’s seat on a plane, annoying gender reveal parties, and having the name “Karen” by handing people a pack of M&M’s. The most memorable one is when the adorable Dan Levy promises to the M&M characters he won’t eat anymore of their friends, while locking his car as the red one screams in terror.

General Motors - No Way Norway

The hilarious Will Ferrell begins the commercial announcing that Norway sells more electric cars per capita than the US, then proceeding to punch a globe that remains stuck on his right hand the entire commercial, appalled by the fact. Introducing GM’s new Ultium Battery, Ferrell gathers comedians Kenan Thompson and Aquafina to travel to Norway, only to end up in Finland and Sweden.

Credits: Cheetos


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