CELINE HOMME 2022 Debuts “COSMIC CRUISER” Collection

Did it remind you of a rebellious youth?

When Hedi Slimane was appointed as the creative director at CELINE in 2018, the house’s minimalism was replaced by Hedi’s signature rock style.  Yet, the change is revolutionary. Hedi’s work, rebellious and iconoclastic, is a mirror that reflects an inner self – in the end, who doesn’t have a diva living inside? For the CELINE HOMME 2022 show “Cosmic Cruiser,” Hedi continues to present his codes by filling the 30-minute show with motocross riders and endless sequins.

Taking place in Île du Grand Gaou on the Archipel des Embiez in the south of France, the show starts as six FMX riders heads to the main stage. Set to the tunes of the Izzy Camina, apparently, the show is more like a dark techno party. Mirrored sunglasses, black vest, black leather pants, a pair of black boots and a punk leather rivet choker – the first look, skinny and detached, shouts out to Hedi’s signature style. 

Described as the “Restless dreams of a cosmic teen,” while interpreting all the codes of cool kids with punk twists and fluid silhouettes, Hedi invited 14 artists to participate in the special pieces of the collection, including Amy Dorian, Anna Hofmann, Emerson Snowe, Sara Yukiko, Tyler Childress and more. 

The sparkly silver sequin blazer dazzles with the Hedi flare. The black jacket looks like a lowkey piece, but the Hedi we know would never give up being playful and rebellious. The emblazoned tassel “Heavenly Days” on the back using foil-like material is a detailed surprise. That’s Hedi. He knows that even if you’re a quiet kid, you have a rebellious side in you. 

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