Could There Be a New Tyler, the Creator Album on The Way?

All signs point to yes.

Fans with a sharp eye in Los Angeles and New York – so far – have spotted a strange billboard on popular streets. This mysterious signage is decorated with pastel colored stars. Written on it, a phone number 1 (855) 444-8888, text that reads: “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST,” and the Columbia Records logo.

Curious passersby dialled the number. Some soft background music plays and the sound of an older woman speaking can be heard, getting more and more agitated as the recording goes on. “Am I lying?” she asks, several seconds in. “You have no reason to.” responds a voice that sounds eerily similar to that of Tyler, the Creator.

The same design, text and phone number can also be found at this mysterious new website:

People were quick to begin speculating about the possibility of this being the start of a new album rollout. It seems like almost too much of a coincidence that two years have passed since Igor was released in 2019, as Tyler is known to release new albums every two years.

This pattern, combined with the cryptic billboards, website and recording, all point to one thing: new music.

Tyler has not taken credit for the billboards, but the evidence seems to be overwhelming. Here’s to hoping the rumors are true and new Tyler, the Creator music really is coming!

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