David Hockney, As Pretty As A Picture

David Hockney, As Pretty As A Picture

David Hockney is an O.G style icon. We take a look at the artist's top fashion looks.

David Hockney is an O.G style icon. We take a look at the artist's top fashion looks.

Text: Paul Madley

The British painter is best known for his early works, paintings of 1960’s California and use of bright colors. With his peroxide mop of blond hair, thick circle-rimmed black glasses and playful sense of style, David Hockney is a bonafide (slept on) style icon… so get woke!

Preppy meets sportswear, meets art student, Hockeny played with Dandyism and has served some major fashion looks. Also a master of casual dressing Hockney’s sense of style inspires today’s designers, Burberry, Jonathan Saunders and Ossie Clark have all paid tribute to Hockney in previous collections. 

Hockney grew up Bradford, a city in the North West of England. Hockney generally remembers the city as being “grey”. Bradford was an industrial city yet to be re-gentrified, so when Hockney first travelled to California he was immediately inspired by the colors of the West Coast, the hues of the sun, the tones of the sea and the modern architecture. The change of scene had a major influence on Hockney’s personal sense of style.

Hockney dressed with a sense of joy and mischief, deliberately wearing odd socks, specs with one lense framed in black and the other gold, the prince of mismatching. Pink sweaters, yellow slacks, polka dot, pinstripe, plaid suits and a love of knitwear. Cardigans, V-necks, cardigans over V-necks, V-necks with a tie, sweaters under a suit, cardigans with a tie, patterned tank tops in vibrant colors, mixed with stripes. “I didn’t care about fitting in. Everywhere is so conservative.”

Hockney has always dressed with a sense of ownership, with a confidence and ease. His clothes look lived in, they possess a thrown-together additude, whether it preppy-casual or formal Savile Row, Hockney is never overdressed or farcical. Hockney’s was admired for his style, he was even photographed by Andy Warhol and the legendary Helmut Newton.

Now in his 80’s Hockney can still turn a look, often seen wearing slacks, button downs, bright knits, colourful ties and a flat cap with his trademark specs, Hockney’s aesthetic is wonderfully English!

We take a look at young David Hockney's top fashion moments.


Ocean Drive by Max Papendieck