Dior Men Evokes Everyday Ceremony With Winter 2021 Collection

Debuting at Paris Fashion Week, the runway exhibited the contemporary refinement at the heart of Dior’s latest collection.

The Dior Men’s Winter 2021-2022 collection is a bold play on modern luxury, a coherent, voguish take on sharp silhouettes and sleek tailoring, dotted with bright bursts of color.


The show, by artistic director Kim Jones, is a play on ceremony, defining the opulence of every day; Dior seamlessly merges regality with dynamic garb, connecting the masculine extravagance of haute with the vivid polish of couture. It encapsulates the Dior man into a force of nature powerful as a bullet, dressed smartly amongst garments of regal black, plum, and charcoal shades with gold and ivory embellishments. 

Against an electric techno beat and avant-garde runway composed of oversized wooden structures, the show (live-streamed from Paris Fashion Week due to COVID restriction) presented a dynamic, elegant survey of masculine refinement, giving striking looks constructed of elegant drapery and modern prints.

The runway evokes the essence of Dior Men, tasteful and refined whilst remaining modish and chic in a warm, dark color palette. Standout looks from the collection include a mid-length black coat adorned with all-over gold jacquard embroidery; an ultramodern yellow sweater, composed of a fragmented print with color blocks of green, white and burgundy; a crisp baby blue shirt with striking orange detailing down the shoulders and sleeves, playing on complementary colors in a vivid way; and a long white overcoat with top-hatted silhouettes on it, shadows reminiscent of gentlemen from ages earlier.

Accessories weave through the collection as sharp accoutrements, taking form as a black military-style cap or a burgundy knit hat, an oversized leather tote, or a small brown handbag, all chic and cosmopolitan for Dior’s most debonair collection yet.

View the full Dior Men’s Winter 2021-2022 collection here.

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