Discover a New Universe with Moncler and Mercedes-Benz’s Latest Collaboration

Take a look inside Moncler and Mercedes-Benz’s “Project Mondo G” art piece.

Moncler and Mercedes-Benz have merged their spectacular creative minds to reveal a unique art piece that combines Mercedes-Benz’s iconic G-Class and Moncler’s puffer jacket’s distinctive design elements, known as “Project Mondo G.”

The piece was launched at Moncler’s live show in London on the 20th of February, “The Art of Genius,” during London Fashion Week. Moncler presented a new vision for Moncler Genius through their collaboration with new industries including art, technology, sports, music, and design. This collaboration marks Moncler’s first automotive partnership.

The piece is based primarily on the structural design of the G-Class with a twist on the soft, flowing lines of the quilted textile of Moncler’s puffer jackets. “Project Mondo G” invites viewers to experience the shift in an object that is primarily used as a utility and has now transformed into a one-of-its-kind design icon. Both Moncler and Mercedes-Benz share the same values at the forefront of their designs, innovation, concise design language, and a first-mover approach to cross-cultural collaboration.

Attention to detail is evident in this piece as many features have a direct connection to the original products of each brand. The glossy, reflective, studded, surfaces mimic the properties of the puffer jacket in addition to the huge eye-catching zipper at the top of the piece. The piece represents practicality, versatility, and variability as do the products of both brands.

This project shows the vast creative opportunities that can arise with the collaboration of two brands. Set to inspire individuals to dream bigger and think outside of what seems possible, both brands hope that this encourages people to go past their limits and explore what’s outside the box.

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