Dominic Fike Sonically Shapeshifts on New Album What Could Possibly Go Wrong

It’s his second album and biggest project to date 

24-year-old Dominic Fike has released What Could Possibly Go Wrong, a 13-track album that treads the line between R&B, pop, and rock with ease. The album, which explores themes of love and relationships, the frivolity of youth, and Fike’s reflection on his life since youth in Florida, is a multifaceted project that showcases his ability to craft his own narrative.


What Could Possibly Go Wrong is out today, but was delayed in light of police brutality- and race-related protests around the country, a decision which Fike addressed in an essay posted to Instagram in early June. “Systemic racism and brute, abusive power are issues engrained into this country but things can change,” he wrote. “I’ll get you the music soon but we’ve got other things to do right now. Support each other. Look out for each other.” 

The 13-track album is full of songs cloaked in electric guitar tones reminiscent of indie rock and mixed with Fike’s shapeshifting vocals, channeling artists from The Neighbourhood to Frank Ocean. He screams on “Come Here,” croons on “10x Stronger,” and raps on “Politics and Violence,” while still maintaining his own flair in everyone. 


In addition to its strong instrumentation and sound, the album covers themes that are shockingly mature for a 24-year-old. The track “Cancel Me” stands out from the rest for its bold statement on fame, where Fike sings, “I hope they cancel me (Why?), So I can go be with my family (Why?), So I can quit wearing this mask, dawg, Tell the people ‘Kiss my ass, dawg.’” Like quite a few other tracks on the album, it’s refreshingly honest, and undeniably catchy.


The most striking thing about What Could Possibly Go Wrong is that it’s never one thing, never stagnant, always moving. Each track presents you with something different, and Fike seamlessly weaves all 13 together into a picture bigger than himself. 


Listen to What Could Possibly Go Wrong out now, down below.

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