Drake Now Has a Scented Candle That “Actually Smells Like Drake”

Drake Now Has a Scented Candle That “Actually Smells Like Drake”

Drake Now Has a Scented Candle That “Actually Smells Like Drake”

Are you even surprised?

Are you even surprised?

Text: Ahad Sanwari

Look, it’s no surprise to anyone familiar with popular music and the artists who dominate it that Drake is a fancy man. His Instagram handle is called @champagnepapi. He collects Birken Bags. He has a song named “Tuscan Leather.” And need we remind you of the house (if you can call it that) tour he gave us in the “Toosie Slide” music video?

And he’s taking it to the next level with a new line of scented candles. He teased the line through his brand, Better World Fragrance House, in June with an Instagram story. The brand has an Instagram account of its own, with no posts, and a website with just a landing page. 

But the rapper reportedly teamed up with Swiss fragrance house Givaudan to work on the line. Perfumer and fragrance expert Michael Carby revealed, during a September episode of Revolve U, that he and his team had met with Drake and hit it off while talking about fragrances and songwriting.

Image credits: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Now, let’s dive into the real deal: the candle that smells like Drake. That would be “Carby Musk,” which “features notes of Musk, Ambers, Cashmere, Suede, and Velvet.” The site also says it “actually smells like Drake,” although it adds that it’s the personal fragrance he wears.

Then there is “Sweeter Tings,” which is described as “an addictive and nostalgic Oriental Gourmand fragrance with the subtleties of comfort and goodness.” “Williamsburg Sleepover” and “Muskoka” capture more woody musks and smoky smells, while “Good Thoughts” focuses more on florals and essential oils.

Where can you find them? In October, Carby’s Revolve page sold limited version samples of the five candle varieties that were part of the line. “Carby Musk” was marked at $80, while the rest were priced at $48. They sold out quickly, and they’re still sold out. In fact, you can’t find the candles on the page unless you’re going to them through a dedicated link, like this one. So, technically, they’re not available for sale.

The Canadian rapper did send samples of the candles to some of his friends, including the Toronto Raptors. However, the candles are looking to be released during the holiday season, so all Drake fans should be pleased pretty soon.

Credits: Image courtesy of OVO/Republic Records


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