ERDEM Men’s Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

Poetic, timeless and versatile, the storyteller ERDEM presents a new intriguing and fluid collection.

Narratives and story behind every garment and collection are fulfilling ERDEM’s work.

This collection is inspired by the work of Madame d’Ora and Madame Yevonde, two talented female photographers of the 20th century.

The sepia – vintage silver print colours and newly colored archived photographs of both artists reflects a past era with nostalgia. ERDEM reintroduced the pre-war period of their works into his modern fashion collection.

According to him, “Madame d’Ora’s portraits from this era when she was based in Paris capture the poise and personality of her subjects; inciteful glances that belied propriety and offer up expressions of individuality. This was also Madame Yevonde’s most intense period of colour experimentation; the simultaneously faded and saturated tones of her images lend the collection its rich palette”.

The collection is presenting a series of classic clichéd pieces of the 1930s consisted of suits, overcoats, knitwear, shirts, over-shirts, trousers in different textiles and materials “alternatively paired together in expected and unexpected ways to express his whim and character”.

Oversized jackets with mustards yellow and vivid leaf motif colors are embodied in the collection and layered garments elements are added to demonstrate modernity and contrast.

The comfort of the clothes will enable you to grow older with them, and to live with them, making the materials evolve and to make the story of the clothes exist.

For ERDEM this unique collection has been created to “celebrate the ambiguity between formality and informality, uniform and individual. It is a collection that can be deconstructed and reconstructed to be suitably worn for any occasion, fitting feelings for every mood. His way of dressing is his way of life.”


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