Father's Day Gift Guide for "The Cool Dad"

Father's Day Gift Guide for "The Cool Dad"

Whether they work from home, are a total movie buff, or constantly on the go, VMAN has your guide to simplify your search for the perfect Father's Day gift.

Whether they work from home, are a total movie buff, or constantly on the go, VMAN has your guide to simplify your search for the perfect Father's Day gift.

Text: Brandon Tan

365 days later, it's that time of year again--no, not Tax Day, nor Madonna's birthday--but Father's Day. This weekend, generations of spawn will scramble to scavenge tokens of love and affection for their dads like golf clubs and ugly ties. With that said, thanks to Balenciaga's dad-core and places like Williamsburg, there has been introduced a new archetype of "DAD" to the Father's Day market: Think the attractive, work-from-home type that’s walking his dog at 3pm on a Tuesday, calls his coffee “espresso,” and sides with the woke liberal kids when it comes to political debate. Yes, The Cool Dad

Behold, our spin on the Father’s Day gift guide for your dad who dresses better than you do and has more friends. This one’s for the patriarch that’s just too cool for tools.

Cool Cologne Connoisseur Dad - Diptyque Fleur de Peau eau de Parfum - $165

What many don't know is that Diptyque offers more than just luxury candles. The purveyors of sultry scents also make available perfumes and colognes for those looking for something a little more unique and mysterious than your bottle of designer fragrance purchased from the nearest department store.

Cool Film Buff Dad - Movie Pass - $9.95/month

At the intersection of Netflix and movie theaters smartly stands Movie Pass. The very affordable monthly subscription grants you UNLIMITED access to movie theaters for just a fraction of how much a single ticket would cost you. It'd be stupid not to get yourself a subscription while you're at it, no?

Cool Dad On the Go - Bond Hardware 3-Pocket Holder - $295

For the Williamsburg dad biking into Manhattan across the bridge with no pockets in his bike shorts, Bond Hardware has produced this genius 3-pocket body holster that ensures 1. Your dad will look cool and 2. He definitely won’t lose his keys or wallet.

Cool Fit Dad - Outdoor Voices - $65

A true cool dad would not find himself at the gym, lifting weights in any pair of Adidas or Nike shorts, no... He is in his Outdoor Voices equipment doing anything from sweating his ass off at hot yoga to walking his dog at 3pm on a Tuesday to hiking because he feels like it. Outdoor voices makes high-performance clothing for active lives in everyday neutral tones. Sold? 

Cool Hypebeast Dad - $158

This dad is not waiting on line at the closest Supreme, nor is he standing by his computer for the latest footwear drop. That said, he does care about turning a head on the street for his cool fit and does know a thing or two about streetwear. Rarely are any Supreme pieces available on their website, but lucky for you for some reason this classic work jacket is so hurry up, add to cart and express ship!

Cool Skincare Dad - Maison Louis Marie 360 Skin Revival Serum - $95

If your dad, like mine, has ever gifted you skincare for your birthday, know that he will appreciate this. Maison Louis Marie is a cult favorite among fragrance lovers, but the brand has recently launched a line of skincare that boasts aroma just as dreamy as its scents. This product will also take care of your dad’s aging wrinkles--Let’s be real sis, he probably needs it.

Cool Work-From-Home Dad - Cleverly Laundry Pajama Set - $160-185

This one is for the cool and rich dad, the one who’s his own boss, or who’s retired because he made enough money and now flips houses as a hobby. Work from home Cool Dad doesn’t care about what he’s wearing because he’s not going anywhere, so he might as well wear this chic pajama set that is made from superfine cotton that I’m convinced is plucked from the wings of angel-babies at heaven’s gate.

Cool Rocker Dad - Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker - $239

We all know the kind... Every father probably has this side to him, but only certain Cool Dads will really be grateful for this gift. Though this Marshall portable bluetooth speaker would also be convenient for those dads that are hard of hearing, we’re aiming this one for the Cool Dads that raised you listening to anybody from Michael Jackson to Billy Joel to ABBA.


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