Filling Pieces Unveils Off The Grid Campaign

Filling Pieces Unveils Off The Grid Campaign

V is exclusively premiering the Amsterdam-based streetwear brand's newest campaign video.

V is exclusively premiering the Amsterdam-based streetwear brand's newest campaign video.

Text: Lilly Pace

Filling Pieces is officially having a moment. Between their recent launch of ready to wear and the newest Off the Grid campaign, the Amsterdam streetwear label is this year's biggest breakthrough brand. Photographed by Hannah Sider and styled by Corey Stokes, Off the Grid presents the AW18 collection, Filling Pieces' first release of combined footwear and ready to wear pieces. Symbolizing exploration and discovery, the campaign visuals showcase the brand's effortless merging of high-end fashion and streetwear.

In honor of the unveiling of the travel-inspired campaign video, V spoke to Filling Pieces founder Guillaume Philibert about Off the Grid, the idea behind the new campaign visuals, and the bright future of the brand.

What was the inspiration behind this collection?

The collection theme ‘Off the Grid’ is about traveling the unknown roads. Our initial inspiration came from the human quest for exploration. The materials we used are suitable for these various circumstances. However, this collection is not only about taking the unknown path in a physical way. We, as a brand, are always inspired by people who take a leap to do something out of their comfort zone. These people go off the grid in a more emotional way. For example, my parents are immigrants from Surinam and they came to the Netherlands and really established something in another culture. They went out of their way.

What sparked the vision for these campaign images?

Because we want to give a voice to people who dared to go Off the Grid, we gave creative freedom to the team who created the campaign. The only direction I gave was that it needed to be about the two ways of how we describe Off the Grid. Hannah Sider, the photographer, for example, found the set designer who came up with the maps in the background. The maps visualize different climates and roads people traveled to get closer to their dreams.

What is your bigger goal for Filling Pieces with the recent expansion to include ready to wear collections?

Our ready to wear is positioned a bit more exclusive than the footwear, this because it's very new to the brand, smaller production quantities, and we partnered with 5 very prestige retailers that were able to fully showcase the full esthetic and brand vision on ready to wear for the brand. With the Off the Grid, it is the first time ever that we are using both footwear and ready to wear in tandem. The goal is to have ready to wear make for 40% of the brand by 2025.

Watch the V-exclusive campaign video and click through the images below for a sneak peek at the new collection.

Credits: Images Via Filling Pieces


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