Films That Sold At Sundance

Films That Sold At Sundance

See the producers and directors that struck gold selling their films at Sundance.

See the producers and directors that struck gold selling their films at Sundance.

Text: Czar Van Gaal

The Sundance Film Festival sets the tone by foreshadowing how successful film will be for the year. Directors, producers, and actors gather to showcase their latest work to the film industry’s tastemakers. While it may seem like the festival is just red-carpet two-steps, and a never-ending movie night; the festival is actually a rite of passage for many. When it’s all said and the popcorn is done, directors and producers auction off their film to notable networks and streaming services.

Successfully selling your film at Sundance is seen as the commencement of the event. While both are still paper, instead of a diploma at the Sundance Film Festival you get a check. With many films being sold for undisclosed amounts intrigue sets in, leaving us all to wonder just how much did those films sell for? The world may never know the price tag for these films but here to ease inquiring minds, V has curated a selection of films that secured the bag at this year’s festival. See the producers and directors who made out like bandits at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and get familiar with them; they may be appearing on a screen near you soon.

 Blinded By The Light (directed by Gurinder Chadha) - sold to New Line for 16 Million

The Report (directed by Scott Burns) - sold to Amazon for 14 Million 

Brittany Runs a Marathon (directed by Paul Downs Colaizzo) - sold to Amazon for 14 Million

Late Night (directed by Nisha Ganatra) - sold to Amazon for 13 Million

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile (directed by Joe Belinger) - sold to Netflix for 9 Million

The Farewell (directed by Lulu Wang) - sold to A24 for 6 Million

Honey Boy (Directed by Alma Har’el) - sold to Amazon for 5 Million

The Lodge (directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala) sold to Neon for 2 Million

Official Secrets (directed Gavin Hood) - sold to IFC films for 2 Million


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