Fiorucci Revisits its Iconic Past with AW21 Collection

“Return to the Factory” is an ode to Warhol’s New York.

Despite the wonders of digital connection, it’s no substitute for the energy of a collaborative and experimental space where artists can gather in person. In the 1970s, Andy Warhol’s Factory was one such space. Fiorucci’s New York store on East 59th street was another. The new menswear line, “Return to the Factory,” draws its inspiration from the atmosphere of Warhol’s Factory and Fiorucci’s past as a brand beloved by the creatives of 1970s New York.

Warhol was a regular at the 59th Street storefront, along with Marc Jacobs, Madonna, Keith Haring, and Antonio Lopez, whose original artwork is reinterpreted in the new collection.

At night, these artists often wore their Fiorucci to the iconic Studio 54 nightclub. The Milan-founded brand has built its legacy on a combination of Italian sophistication and New York cool. This continues in the new collection, which features their signature vinyl material – a favorite of Warhol himself.

Bright colors and retro prints capture the vibrancy and playful spirit of 1970s New York. The brand continues to experiment with boldly designed typefaces and statement pieces.

“Return to the Factory” could rightly be called nostalgic. It’s an ode to New York’s creative past and to Fiorucci’s role in fostering that scene. But there’s also an element of forward-looking optimism here and a suggestion that, by looking to the creative partnerships of the past, we might forge new ones in the (post-pandemic) future.

The FW21 collection will be available in May, in-store and online.

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