Get Back to (Elevated) Basics with YONY’s FW23 Collection

The look book highlights the brand’s refined take on Americana style

Photographed against a picturesque backdrop of rolling green hills and hazy blue skies, Los Angeles based brand YONY couldn’t have picked a more perfect setting for the debut of their Fall Winter 2023 collection lookbook. The scenic surroundings compliment the subdued collection, grounding the brand’s founding philosophy of sophisticated menswear with a distinctly American feel amongst the very lands that inspired it. 

Inspired by the classic styles and silhouettes of the ‘50s, YONY brings back a once retired look through their modernized lens. Relaxed fits and prep-inspired shapes create a collection that is casually cool yet put together, effortless yet thoughtful and muted yet statement-making. Earthy neutral tones of burnt oranges, beiges, browns and forest greens compose the color palette of the pieces referencing an almost retro era, while flannel, houndstooth and cowboy embroidery add subtle touches of the Americana influence. Off-white denim jackets and bottoms featuring the same cowboy embroidery are especially fun, while still remaining classic with long-lasting wear potential.  

YONY’s breezy, relaxed shoot not only reflects the aesthetic at the center of the brand but their core values as well: sustainable and ethical production. Founded by Johnny Schwartz in 2020 during the pandemic, the brand is made with nearly all USA-produced materials, from start to finish. The brand is committed to providing customers transparent information regarding their supply chain, and in line with this, is equally committed to designing pieces that will last for years to come, both in terms of material and style.

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