‘Gianni Lee: Black Heroism & The Wounds They Carry’

Meet & greet the artist at his first Solo Exhibition in Atlanta.

Gianni Lee is set to host his first solo exhibition at The Gallery at WISH in Atlanta, Georgia — officially open to the public today. The multidisciplinary artist’s exhibit is entitled, Gianni Lee: Black Heroism & The Wounds They Carry, which is a further examination and exploration into the themes of racial inequality, communication, and technology.

Like many kids, Gianni was engulfed in books, sci-fi, and video games at a young age. Noticeably, these distractions served as a get-away to a fantasy world… far away from the harsh realities of the real world. Pulling from these influences throughout his life, Lee’s newest body faces the truth and puts reality on full display; the sensual portraits of iconic Black historical figures and sci-fi iconography.

The connection between Black people and technology beautifully ties in the artist’s love for different mediums and his multiple aesthetics. In addition, the exhibition juxtaposes the collective history of Black people while envisioning an optimistic future in spite of our daunting socio-political reality. In his own words, Lee states, “The exhibition is meant to pose the question: “’How do we channel our legacy of greatness to create a more equitable future?”

To reply to this profound question, celebrate Black identity, or buy merch — see below for exhibition programming and dates.

Gianni Lee, “I’ll Paint The Sky Red For You”, 2020
Gianni Lee, The Fall, 2020



November 6th: Open to Public, 12-3pm

November 6th: Gianni Lee: Black Heroism & The Wounds They Carry VIP Opening, 3-8pm (invitation only)

November 7th: Public Opening (appointment only), 12-7pm

November 8th: Artist Meet and Greet, 3-7pm

Appointments are advised, click here to schedule.

Black Heroism & The Wounds They Carry is on view at the Gallery at WISH from November 6, 2020, until November 29, 2020.


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