Gucci Debuts New Love Parade Campaign

Alessandro Michele throws a wild, star-studded party in Gucci’s newest campaign.

Alessandro Michele has followed up last Novembers star-studded Gucci Love Parade show with a brand-new campaign, shot by legendary photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, preceding the launch of the Gucci’s new collection.  

The creative director tapped celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Deug Lun, Beanie Feldstein, and longtime Gucci muse Jared Leto for the new campaign, which is steeped in fantasy. Campaign imagery features the stars dancing, dining, and partying, all while clad in Michele’s new retro-glam collection. Lace, silk, and floral patterns are the threads that tie this collection together amidst the clashes of textures and colors.  

Jared Leto in the Gucci Love Parade campaign.
Floral patterns highlight the new Gucci Love Parade collection.

The end result is a dream-like campaign, as if it came to Michele and Art Director Christopher Simmonds in a vision. “I thought about how my mother raised me as a devout worshipper of beauty,” says Michele. “About the gift of dreaming, which I cannot go without. About the aura of cinema, which generates mythologies.” 

Beanie Feldstein the Gucci Love Parade campaign.

Highlights of the campaign include a crowd surfing Cyrus wearing a white fur coat and thigh-high lace stockings, and Snoop Dogg eating cake in a bright green silk suit with an oversized velvet bowtie.  

Snoop Dogg in the Gucci Love Parade campaign.

Watch the full campaign video here.


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