Heavy Metal for the Holidays

Heavy Metal for the Holidays

Heavy Metal for the Holidays

What better way to spruce up your look than with some bling?

What better way to spruce up your look than with some bling?

Photography: Erik Lee Snyder

Text: Ahad Sanwari

There are always tons of ways to pull off a strong fashion game. There’s the jackets, the shoes, the light sweaters, maybe you’re adventurous and wearing a hat. But allow a new idea to introduce itself: jewelry. 

Jewelry are clear statement pieces, especially on men. Pulling them off means you now have a look that represents clever attention to detail. Whether a gift to yourself or the one you love, get decked out in the holiday’s best hardware.

David Yurman Chain and Ring

This piece by legendary jewelry designer David Yurman features a classic chain and ring combo. The two pieces are signature items in Yurman’s repertoire, playing to the designer’s sculptural touch with his pieces. The combo allows you to play around with the pieces as per your own preferences, creating an essentially personalized piece of jewelry by mixing and matching the chains and rings.

Celine x César Compression Necklace

This collaboration between Celine and the Fondation César is based on César’s style of “direct compressions.” The pendant acts as a talisman, and can be viewed as a standalone sculpture and piece of art. That same sentiment is reflected by the pine box it comes in, hot-stamped with the artist’s signature. The box acts as a pedestal for the jewelry as well as a container for its contents. The limited pieces come in Sterling Silver and Vermeil.

Balenciaga Earring

This Balenciaga earring, just as delightfully out there as any Balenciaga jewelry piece, comes from the brand’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection. Balenciaga’s collection sees its influences derived from street style and athleisure, which the gold earring reflects. The “B” is a clear call out to the brand, utilizing this collection to embody a fashionably sporty look.


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