How To Get Bleach Blonde in Brooklyn

How To Get Bleach Blonde in Brooklyn

VMAN takes one of our readers out for a hair intervention at Brooklyn's Whiteroom and teaches you how to preserve a true bleach blonde shade.

VMAN takes one of our readers out for a hair intervention at Brooklyn's Whiteroom and teaches you how to preserve a true bleach blonde shade.

Text: Stella Pak

Young, wanderlust, professional and no longer reckless, Edward Yeloneck works in product innovation at Anheuser Busch. Ed’s job flies him around from city to city around the world, overseeing new developments the company has in the works. Although he works a corporate job, his style has a balance of structure and organized chaos. A white, perfectly ironed button-down shirt juxtaposed with strands of thin gold chains, a backpack casually thrown off his shoulder with hand in his hair awkwardly giving it some shape.

Naturally a dark brunette, Ed decided to give his look a bit more edge a year ago and went bleach blonde. When he finds moment of pause somewhere in between his travels, he finds a local hair stylist in whichever city he’s located to book an appointment to maintain his bleached hair. It could be a stylist he finds in Stockholm one month and a salon in Rio de Janeiro the next. With that, the vision for his look and the treatments became inconsistent, and with the humidity intensifying in New York with summer approaching, it was time to confront some issues.

VMAN took Ed to Brooklyn's Whiteroom, founded by husband and wife team, Tommy and Elisabeth Lovell to help him find his shape and shade.

Tommy specializes in cuts and Elisabeth in color. The power hair couple opened Whiteroom 3 years ago with clients traveling from uptown and downtown to NY’s little secret tucked under the Williamsburg Bridge on S6th and Broadway. The couple assesses the damage as Ed says, “I don’t really know what I want. It’s summertime so my hair gets poufy and it gets weird up top. I like it messy. But I like a more controlled mess.”

Step 1: Refining the Shape

Tommy decides to use a razor to take down the weight off the sides while maintaining some of the length on the top. “I’m going through and taking channels of the weight out with the razor. Bleaching obviously damages your hair making it dry and fluffy. It’s best to work with that and end up with the texture we have, keeping the look messy and rough.”

Step 2: Find your shade

Ed’s pretty pale at the moment and his current blonde washes him out. “Right now you’re really bright with a fluorescent edge. The color needs to match the palette about him… looking at his coloring, he’s icier naturally with blue eyes and dark eyebrows. He needs something warmer and golder and yellow to bring out the pink in his skin. We want it to look like it could’ve grown out of his head. The palette needs to match the palette of him with a blue beige undertone.”

Step 3: Prepare to be stripped

Elisabeth preps Ed’s hair with Christophe Robin’s Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender to keep his ends hydrated while bleaching the roots and to make it more malleable while processing his hair. Composed of 97.5% natural oils and free of mineral oils, the formula doesn’t get in the way of the coloring process.

Step 4: Set the Tone

“When you remove the color in someone’s hair, it exposes all the underlying pigment. Which is always in the yellow orange family. To counter that yellow orange color, the toner tones back in and balances out the yellow tone. The opposite of yellow is purple, so you use the purple conditioner. You pick toner based on what direction you want the overall tone to be at the end.”

Step 5: Maintain Hydration

“I don’t like purple shampoos. Shampoo has soap in it, which dilutes the color. Often times the colors in shampoos are so concentrated with the mixture of soap, it can turn the hair into a greenish grayish color. I’ve just seen people come back and they tell me they used purple shampoos and it ages so weirdly. I always recommend a purple conditioner. A purple conditioner is conditioning and it can be left to sit on the hair. I always recommend Christophe Robin. His clarifying shampoo has chamomile in it so it’s naturally lifting out any of the mineral build up. It will prepare the hair for the purple. And his baby blonde conditioner is purple. Some of the conditioners in the market can be drying but you can use after you shampoo. It’s great as a mask and helps with the condition of the hair as well when you’re getting something as invasive as bleach.”

Step 6: Dry and Style

The cut and color finished, all it needs is a quick dry and some hydrating product. Finishing off the look, Tommy roughs up the style with Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishing Treatment.


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