'Hugo' Launches Liam Payne Capsule Collection

'Hugo' Launches Liam Payne Capsule Collection

'Hugo' Launches Liam Payne Capsule Collection

Text: Julian Wright

Liam Payne has a lot on his plate. He is raising his two-year-old son, sustaining his solo career and now, starting a fashion line. Payne and 'HUGO', Hugo Boss's diffusion line that focuses on more casual attire, released their capsule collection two nights ago in an experimental event at Berlin Fashion Week. This marks the first time these two parties have worked together. Despite that, Payne describes their partnership as a natural fit, saying on his Instagram, "Hugo is very much my style of dress sense anyway, so it was a really easy match up."

The collection was unveiled in grand style. Payne got first dibs, announcing it on his Instagram to his legion of followers. Of course, a larger spectacle was needed to kick off the collection how it should be. Organized by Hugo Boss, the launch event took place at Berlin Fashion Week in a former warehouse. Filled with a red carpet, DJs and A-list celebrities, the event was everything you'd expect from such big collaborators. Oh, and Payne performed to the crowd of people, too. Definitely something one wouldn't want to miss, perfect for the collection's kick-off.

The collection always remains the star of the show though. When looking at its 10 pieces, you see why this match-up works so well. Classic and casual, the line embodies that of Hugo wearers and Payne himself. The most notable motif is tied to one of Payne's tattoos: the black chevrons he has on his forearm. The chevron shows through on two shirts: one lining the bottom of a collared, button-down's front pocket and the other infused into the HUGO logo on graphic tees. The rest of collection features joggers and a pair of sneakers. Whether you're a fan of Liam or not, he and HUGO have created classic garments for anyone's wardrobe.

Click through the slideshow below to see the Berlin Fashion Week launch event for HUGO x Liam Payne.


Credits: Photos Courtesy of Hugo Boss


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