Iceberg Brings the Cool in Return to Milan Fashion Week

The collection pulled inspiration from adrenaline, whether it be on a bike in London or the slopes of Italy.

Kicking off Milan Fashion Week, Iceberg unveiled a fierce new men and women’s collection for Autumn/Winter 2023, inspired by an iconic 2001 Iceberg campaign starring Pamela Anderson. Creative Director James Long revisited classic Iceberg moments, meshing together a variety of periods and styles, resulting in an unmistakable homage to the brand’s lineage. 

“I love mixing fabrics and styles. It’s very Iceberg and it’s also very me,” explained Long. “We’ve also mixed different eras of Iceberg, from the very beginnings right up to today, getting excited for the 50th anniversary of the brand next year.” 

Inspired by the image of Pamela Anderson, shot by David LaChappelle, naked on the back of a motorcycle, while her rider is head-to-toe in gear, the collection centers on biker leathers – cut roomy and wide for an unisex look. In typical Iceberg fashion, leather is mixed with knit, taking form in a ribbed knot, faux-leather corset dress or knit padded jackets sporting faux-leather trims. 

Typical knitwear techniques are revamped, like a macramé biker jacket made to look like it’s knitted from rubbish bags. Black jersey hoodies are adorned with bands of different cable knits up the arms and across the shoulders. 

In addition to the iconic Pam Anderson campaign, pieces are influenced by an Iceberg campaign shot in the 90s by Michael Comte. Here we see ice white houndstooth jacket and miniskirts while a supersize faux fur coat comes with an intarsia of Daffy Duck. 

And if shoes are more your vibe, Iceberg’s “I” boots reminisce those worn by Anderson, offering a comfy heel despite their thigh high look. 


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