Intelligent Dance Music

Intelligent Dance Music

Intelligent Dance Music

Text: Xavier Cardew

If we had to name a modern-day master composer, Dan Snaith would certainly make our short list. First recording as Manitoba and for the past decade as Caribou, Snaith has created impeccable, inventive music that cannot be relegated to any one genre. An electronic wizard of pastiche songcrafting, he has employed folktronica, avant-soul, trance minimalism, brit-psych, neo-shoegaze, and classical instrumentation to create his breathtaking arrangements. Snaith's work finds consistency only in being universally adored. Each time the Polaris-prize-winning composer releases a new Caribou record (the last of which was 2010's Swim), the music media's heart skips a beat and in-the-know listeners collectively swoon. And Our Love, his sixth studio record (Merge/City Slang), is no exception. Snaith's IDM is a refreshing departure from the brostep that has hollowed out the electronic landscape. For those who find that when the body's busy dancing, the mind is free to explore, your cerebral dance party just got its soundtrack.

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