Italians Do It Better: ALDOMARIACAMILLO Edition

Italians Do It Better: ALDOMARIACAMILLO Edition

Designer Aldo Maria Camillo presented a standout collection at the latest Pitti Immagine Uomo  in Florence.

Designer Aldo Maria Camillo presented a standout collection at the latest Pitti Immagine Uomo  in Florence.

Text: Paul Madley

At the start of January, Pitti Immagine Uomo (organizer of international fairs and events in the fashion and lifestyle sector) hosted its latest biannual event, Pitti Uomo 95. The international fair attracts all of the top buyers from around the world. One of the most highly anticipated events was the runway show of Italian born designer Aldo Maria Camillo, who presented his first collection ever released under his namesake brand, ALDOMARIACAMILLO.

“Having the possibility to present this project in a premiere showing at Pitti Uomo is an honor and a dream come true. I have always wanted to make my debut in Italy and Pitti Uomo, where the culture of tailoring and research on fashion have always come together as one, and which represents the ideal stage for expressing in this collection an idea that has matured over the years, originating from a passion for the Italian sartorial tradition, with contaminations arriving from the universe of fashion which I was brought up with,” said Camillo.

Camillo presented a collection that was strong, fresh and modern. With references from contemporary art, fashion history, music, and sociology it was a wardrobe for today’s man.

 “Aldo Maria Camillo works exclusively and with great focus on men’s fashion," says Lapo Cianchi, Pitti Immagine Director of Communications and Events. He "[studies] the masculine silhouette, with the aim of giving a new imprint and different freshness to menswear. His cultural references belong to an intimately classical background, supported by solid stylistic training and an acute sensitivity to current worldwide events–which goes beyond fashion. He has talent, imagination, and a sense of material.”

The show started with a blue light flooding the space as models entered via a glass elevator giving the audience a glimpse of what was to come. A spotlight followed models as they took to the runway.

“ALDOMARIACAMILLO represents the beginning of a new story, a showcase where I can both express my ideal of fashion and speak of myself. I believe clothing is a tool for communicating who we are without saying a word, because it lives and grows together with us. With my brand, I would like to create a collection that evolves and completes itself over time, in which garments possess the quality needed to last as long as possible,” continued Camillo.

The pallet for the show was blue, grey, black, and white with flashes of red on boots, jackets, and pants. The use of the color was sophisticated and shown with purpose. Traditional tailoring with coats and jackets was featured throughout. Camillo’s twinning his and hers leopard print looks felt current. The show was a new definition for luxury; there was a dialogue between tradition and innovation.

Camillo said, “What makes me really excited and really proud, the fact that myself with a small team, we have managed to do a collection that I’m super proud of. At the center of my universe, there are always people; I like to observe them, try to pick up on the feeling connecting them to their clothes, imagine their stories, and bring them into my world”.


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