Jake Picking Talks ‘Hollywood’ Premiere and New Music On the Way

Hollywood trailer just dropped but confirms music debut is coming too.

V first recognized Jake Picking as “Boston’s It Boy” from the pages of V123. Now the actor is Hollywood’s “It Boy” as the trailer for Ryan Murphy’s newest TV series was just released, with Picking playing, Rock Hudson. VMAN caught up with Picking to get the exclusive scoop on the new series, among other new projects in the future.

When we last spoke to Picking, he described Hollywood as a “non-sanitized version of history” and an “unveiling and celebration” of Rock Hudson and the Golden Age era of film. From the trailer, we certainly got a powerful glimpse of what’s in store. Without giving too much away, he describes the ‘unveiling’ as Murphy’s commitment to truth, with a bit of “faction” (what Murphy likes to refer to as bits of creative fictional narrative weaved into true stories), of course. “Ryan [Murphy] stayed true to capturing the essence of who Rock was on his rise to stardom while also unapologetically exposing the social undertones of that era.” He continues, “It is a hopeful and triumphant series to watch during these darker times!” 

Jake Picking Photographed for V123, wears a full BOSS suit.

As the world slowly recovers from the global crisis that is the coronavirus pandemic, Picking—despite having an exciting debut on the horizon—has been adamant with social distancing. Though he’s not much of a planner on a daily basis, he’s been spending his days reconnecting with his family, his dog, some old pastimes like re-watching The Godfather and gearing up to drop some music. 

 “Yes, I have been free-styling in my car haha, revisiting some old tracks…dropping soon,” he says exclusively to VMAN

Picking has been teasing fans with his affinity for rap and making sure not to disclose his rap name. Well, stay tuned—although he didn’t provide a date, all will be unveiled in due time. Needless to say, we are eager for Picking’s projects on the rise, whether it be the new series to binge on May 1st or hearing the Boston-native spit some bars and give Marky Mark a run for his money.

In the meantime—if you haven’t already—check out the trailer for Hollywood below.

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