Kerby Jean Raymond to Become Reebok’s Vice President of Creative Direction

The award winning designer will provide creative leadership across all design disciplines for Reebok.

Frequent Reebok collaborator Kerby Jean Raymond has been appointed to the company’s Vice President of Creative Direction. He will stand at the forefront of Reebok’s ‘Product with Purpose’ program as part of the brand’s United Against Racism commitment. It will launch  launch in 2021. He will also become a part of the brand’s senior team, reporting directly to Reebok president Matt O’Toole.

Jean-Raymond will work closely with Reebok’s Product, Global Marketing and Development organizations to ensure that his design strategy is consistently implemented across all brand touch points. His previous work includes a collaboration with Kering titled ‘Your Friends in New York,’ a groundbreaking platform that will merge fashion, culture, philanthropy and wellness. It aims to nurture an ecosystem of creativity that reimagines how customers interact with brands. 

Jean-Raymond also announced the news via an Instagram post saying “Every time an interviewer would ask me what else I’d want to be a creative director for I would never say, but in my head it was always a footwear brand. Gotta shake shit up a lil yuh know? Thank you @reebok. I haven’t had a job in 9 years, so please get me a lunch box”. He followed up with a written statement displaying the iconic Reebok brand symbol. 

“I am thrilled to be evolving my role at Reebok and joining the leadership team as the head of Creative Direction,” he said via a press release. “I welcome this opportunity to help invigorate the brand with new ideas, while also focusing on instilling a sense of social purpose into our work.”  

News regarding whether or not Jean Raymond will be remaining in Pyer Moss thanks to this new role is MIA, so it’s safe to say he’s there to stay. Reebok products created under Jean-Raymond’s creative direction will be released to the public sometime in 2022.

“This is certainly a big opportunity for both Reebok and for Kerby – he understands the value of our rich heritage and iconic silhouettes and how he can build on that and take Reebok in an exciting and evolved direction” says O’ Toole.

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