Kit Harington Embodies The One Grey

Kit Harington Embodies The One Grey

Kit Harington Embodies The One Grey

VMAN caught up with the star and chatted about acting, the new Dolce&Gabbana fragrance, and the importance of giving back.

VMAN caught up with the star and chatted about acting, the new Dolce&Gabbana fragrance, and the importance of giving back.

Text: Stella Pak

As the latest fragrance to join Dolce & Gabbana's The One line, The One "Grey" marks a bold new chapter in the roster's narrative, looking back to its heritage but creating a striking new interpretation of the staple scent. Embracing contrasting notes, The One Grey supports the fusion of opposites like the joining of aromatic cardamom and earthy vetiver, with the base celebrating The One for Men's signature style with tobacco and elegant woods.

Enlisted to front the new fragrance, Dolce & Gabbana has selected major British actor Kit Harington, as seen in Game Of Thrones as the legendary Jon Snow. VMAN got the chance to have a brief chat with Harington and discussed all things acting, The One Grey, and the importance of giving back.

Read our interview with the star below and snag yourself a bottle of The One Grey today!

So, you’re the face of Dolce&Gabbana, The One Grey. How would you describe your style and your fashion sensibilities?

Generally, if left to myself, probably as simple as possible. Like a T-shirt, quite classic, I guess. If dressing up for an event, probably the sharpest suit that I can get. Quite tailored, quite fitted, and just like this [what I’m wearing] with a T-shirt and some boots.

I love the suit that you’re wearing.

It’s cool, isn’t it?

It’s this beautiful plum, I can’t even identify.

Yeah, what color is this, this suit, would you say?

(Someone in background: Burgundy.)


Okay, alright, that’s very simple [laughs].

I’ll usually, I’ll wear a burgundy suit.

Nice, I love it. What type of things do you consume in your daily life that give you fulfillment?

 I listen to a lot of audio books.

Oh, what’s your favorite right now?

I, er, am listening to Harry Potter... again [laughs].

 You are?!

It’s like a comfort zone thing. But, yeah, in my daily life, I like to listen to books, catch up on reading my scripts, which always gives me some satisfaction.


And making time to see friends and catch up.

What has it been like to work on a character like Jon Snow, where it’s constantly evolving and that you've worked on through your 20’s?

I think that’s sort of one of the things that’s most exciting about doing long form drama for like, ten episodes. And then if you get to do it for eight years, you get to grow with the character. In some ways it’s close to doing a run of a play, but a much longer period of time because you get to go back and keep improving it and keep changing and developing it, and it’s exciting when the new scripts come out. With films you get one chance. This, you get more chances to make mistakes, see if something works, see if it doesn’t work. It’s incredibly satisfying, a lengthy job to take.

Definitely! Being an actor, has there been a moment in film that you look back on that really just sparked a moment that you were like, “Okay, I want to be an actor.”?

 Yeah, there’s two films, and two actors particularly that made me want to do that: Edward Norton. If we’re talking about film specifically, Edward Norton. There was a film called 25th Hour, was very inspirational to me. And then there was the Baz Luhrmann, who directed DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet. Those two actors are actors that I really respect, and I’d love nothing more than to emulate their careers.

Ok, back to the fragrance, I guess. I feel like the top notes are quite sensual and when you first smell it, you smell grapefruit and lavender. Are there any facets that you really connect with, where the fragrance is concerned?

 I love a good fragrance like this, not too heavy and very fresh. It’s not going to be overpowering when someone walks into a room or leaves a lift or elevator. There’s something that’s not overly masculine about it, it’s kind of lighter than that. It’s something you can wear on a daily basis or put on fresh for the evening. It’s still got a kind of special event quality to it.

It has some presence. Do you feel like you use your platform to speak on things that inspire and mean something to you, for others?

Yeah, I mean, I would like to do more of that. Especially when I’ve got such a platform to speak from. There are a few charities and passions that are close to me, and the major one is Mencap, a learning charity in the UK. And, then there’s other ones close to my heart at home, which are in London and Worcester where I grew up called A.P.P.L.E. and London’s Care fund.

So what are they for?

London’s is a care fund that takes in kids who’ve fallen out of the educational system from being disruptive, or having disruptive lives, and it gives them the chance to go and work on a farm, and reset their lives and care for animals, which helps calm the more disruptive parts of them. And then A.P.P.L.E. is a company in London, in Acton, and it’s a community center where kids can go hang out after school and be part of a larger community.

London’s and A.P.P.L.E. are quite small, but very important places for young people.

So, do you feel super connected to youth?

 I think that my career, in some ways, holds a lot of truths about and for young people. You know, that’s kind of a space where I can best help.



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