KITH is Back With a Fresh New Summer Collection

Kith’s Summer 2022 collection is literally their freshest yet.

Streetwear giant Kith is back with a 190-style Summer 2022 collection. The campaign for the collection features yet another unlikely face of the brand: actor and director Giancarlo Esposito. Esposito follows in the footsteps of actor Steve Buscemi, the brand’s choice for Spring 2022.  

Giancarlo Esposito for Kith Summer 2022.

The collection, which is rooted in dusty tones, patterned prints, and lightweight summer silhouettes, also incorporates Kith’s Summer Classics collection, which reimagines the brand’s staple pieces in more summer-friendly colors. Highlights of the collection include the Thompson Camp Collar Shirt with Azulejo Tiles, and the Mixed SS Linden Retro Quarter Zip in micro cord fabric. Stars from the more muted Summer Classics line include the Fulton Kimono Hoodie and the Laight 2.0 Denim Jacket. 

Giancarlo Esposito for Kith Summer 2022.

True to the season, Kith’s Summer 2022 collection includes a wide range of swimwear, with 11 nylon swim short styles in colors like luster, black, and stadium. Accessories from the collection range from the brand new Napeague Sunglasses (which come in three different colorways) to the perennial favorite Kith classic Scrips Dad Caps and Serif Visors, all branded with the Kith logo.  

For shoes, the Kith for Birkenstock Kyoto Suede Sandal steals the show. Crafted in the same muted, dusty tones that the rest of the collection is based in, the sandals highlight Kith’s classic serif logo and their summer lifestyle vibe. 

Giancarlo Esposito for Kith Summer 2022.

However, the biggest new addition this season is Kith’s partnership with The Laundress, a New York City-based luxury detergent company, to create the Kith for Laundress detergent. The plant-based formula has a base of amber, sandalwood, ambrette seed, and warm musk, which is topped off with hints of lily of the valley to extend the longevity of a wardrobe.

The Kith Summer 2022 collection is available now at all Kith shops and at

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