Lapo Elkann Joins Forces with Hublot for Limited-Edition Time Piece

Lapo Elkann Joins Forces with Hublot for Limited-Edition Time Piece

For better or worse, Lapo Elkann is no stranger to making headlines. In Italy, the Gianni Agnelli heir’s name is synonymous with sprezzatura and what locals typically refer to as “la bella vita.” So the scenario of the Italian style ambassador partnering with a high-end watchmaker for a limited-edition, nautical-inspired time piece, was bound to happen.

Hublot decided to call upon Elkann for the creation of the Big Bang Unico Teak Italia Independent. The gender-neutral watch is a collaboration between the Swiss LVMH brand and the eyewear slash apparel company – Italia Independent – founded by Lapo in the year 2007.

“I don’t like being labeled a ‘public figure’ - I find it so futile. I’d like for people to look at me as a creative, since I’m into developing new projects and constantly try to innovate,” Lapo says at the launch for the limited-edition time piece.

The unveiling of the watch happened on the island of Capri, a place the Italia Independent founder is all too familiar with. “Capri is an iconic place, that represents the good life. Boat sports and sailing are popular here, so in the watch’s design you’ll see several references to that lifestyle. The wood is reference to the deck, the orange tones represent the sun. In every project I take on, making a difference is my main goal, so we opted for the use of atypical materials throughout the creative process,” Elkann concludes.

The Big Bang Unico Teak Italia Independent watch is based on Hublot’s signature Big Bang chronograph. King Gold – a fusion between gold and platinum crafted by the watchmaker – teak wood and two straps, are amongst the key external features of the 45-mm diameter watch.

100 Pieces have been made available of the limited-edition item, and Elkann already hinted at a follow-up collab between Hublot and his car customization company Garage Italia.

-Declan Eytan

Check out the slideshow below for a sneak peek of the collection and its ingenious collaborators:


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