London Joins the United States in the Fight Against Racial Injustice

Thousands of people take to the streets of London to protest in solidarity with the US.

London Protest

Thousands of people gathered in Central London on Sunday to join the global fight against Racism. Activists marched outside the US Embassy and Trafalgar Square to protest the killing of George Floyd and police brutality.

Protesters waved placards that read “How many more?” and shouted, “No Justice, no peace,” “I can’t breath,” and “Get yours knees off our necks.” While criticized for ignoring social distancing rules, activists said,“Racism is the real virus.”

Another person stated, “I know it’s precarious because coronavirus is going on right now but if coronavirus doesn’t take the lives of our black brothers and sisters, then the police will.” The march continued to move past Parliament and at exactly 1pm all of the protesters dropped to their knees to pay tribute to Floyd.

Among the protesters was Nina Mahonty, an American of South Asian descent, who lives in London. Mahonty told reporters, “I am struggling watching my country burn and there is nothing I can do from here so this was the next best thing.” Elsewhere, protesters painted the message “Black Lives Matter” across the capital. Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London said, “The death of George Floyd has rightly ignited fury and anguish not just in the USA but around the world. No country, city, police force or institution can be complacent about racism and the impact this has.”

Although the protests were planned to be peaceful, 23 arrests were made. London’s Metropolitan Police force said the offenses included possession of an offensive weapon, assault on a police officer, obstructing a public carriageway, and breaches of coronavirus legislation.

To ensure George Floyd gets the justice he deserves, please sign the petition below.

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