Luxury Suiting Just Got Even Better With STITCHED

Luxury Suiting Just Got Even Better With STITCHED

Get bespoke suits without any of the Savile Row snobbery.

Get bespoke suits without any of the Savile Row snobbery.

Text: Christina Cacouris

Think you know luxury suiting? Think again.

Bespoke menswear has been frequently hailed as “couture for men,” an appropriate term given the labor that goes into fitting and creating unique outfits tailored to suit each individual; but along with the luxuriousness of the craft comes connotations of stale, snobby, elitist Savile Row tailors. STITCHED, a self-professed “lifestyle destination for discerning gentlemen with unique sensibilities,” fills the gap between luxury and snobbery, providing the former with none of the latter.

With three locations (Las Vegas, Miami, and Washington D.C.) it’s accessible on multiple levels; the store is made to feel comfortable and familiar, with pool tables and scotch bars, rather than the high-end modernism that can feel cold and unwelcoming in so many luxury brand stores.

To get the full experience, V sent our own Mic (note, he’s Italian; a breed of the most “discerning” gentlemen there are when it comes to fashion) to the Las Vegas store to give it a test run. He reported back: "What I really liked about STITCHED was it was such a familiar, welcoming sense; it was very personalized, and I felt welcome right away from the whole team. The experience of seeing the tailors in front of you—to actually see the production of it—is an unparalleled experience. You're getting a drink while you're buying and you can watch them sew. The staff were very welcoming and knowledgeable, and took the time to go through all their fabrics and options, and helping me choose all the details to create something unique for me, while making you feel at home. Ricci Lopez [STITCHED's General Manager] is a class act man who makes all of his customers feel special and taken care of."

If bespoke isn't quite what you're looking for, STITCHED still has you covered, with a curated selection of high-end ready-to-wear buys, with Tom Ford, Loro Piana, and Ted Baker among a host of others. The main ethos of the store is the experience: working with stylists rather than sales representatives, having a space to sit down and enjoy a glass of whiskey and flip through a few books. The impetus is on making sure customers enjoy themselves, rather than pushing sales. Refreshing.

Visit to learn more and to book an appointment at one of their boutiques now for a custom suiting experience like none other.



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