Marcelo Burlon Creates Beyond Fashion for VMAN

Marcelo Burlon Creates Beyond Fashion for VMAN

Marcelo Burlon Creates Beyond Fashion for VMAN

Sets the tone for social distancing where fashion and music intersect.

Sets the tone for social distancing where fashion and music intersect.

Text: Dania Curvy

The Argentinian creative, Marcelo Burlon is the mastermind behind Milan-based fashion label County of Milan and the organizer of events for brands like Gucci and Raf Simons. Today, Burlon’s fashion brand has evolved into a PR and event agency. His list of clients includes Adidas, Versace, Prada, and Jil Sander. VMAN spoke with the multi-talented designer to talk about how he got involved in the music industry.

Read the full interview, below:

VMAN: Tell us how you began your DJ career as a renowned fashion designer?

Marcelo Burlon: I was a DJ way before starting my brand in 2003, actually the brand is quite a consequence of being a DJ, a PR, and coming from a clubbing background. Before the brand, I used to run a club night in Milan, Pink Is Punk, and to organize events, do PRs, and DJ for brands like Gucci, Maison Martin Margiela, Prada, Versace, and Jil Sander. I also used to sound design for shows of brands like Missoni, n°21, and Iceberg. I kept doing this also during the first couple of years of the brand, then I had to turn down because County of Milan required 100% of my attention. I've always worked in between music and fashion.

V: Do music and fashion intersect or speak to one another for you? If so, how?

MB: Fashion needs music while music doesn't necessarily need fashion, although music originates subcultures that shape fashion. Ravers, punks, disco, gabbers still influence collections, editorials, and shows... I'd say there's a perfect spiraling synergy.

V: Who are some of your favorite musical artists or inspirations?

MB: I love the Japanese pianist Akira Kosemura. I also love Danit, Nicola Cruz, Chancha Via Circuito, Devendra Banhart, and many Italian artists from the 70’s like Lucio Battisti, Mina, Luigi Tengo, and Battiato.

V: What types of music do you gravitate toward?

MB: I like Electro Folk and House Tech. I just started a vinyl collection. I just got the first editions of The Rolling Stones from 1968, David Bowie from 1972, Pink Floyd, Steve Wonder, and Diana Ross! I may start spinning vinyls during my sets one of these days.

V: Why do you believe music is important especially during a time where the world is in crisis?

MB: Music has always been a means to gather people physically and mentally, to create a community. Social distancing is just about physicality, I think people are closer than ever, virtually.

V: Can you tell us how you are coping with social distancing during this time?

MB: I'm social distancing at my house in Ibiza with a couple of friends for a few weeks. Having a large garden, a pool, and a chance to be outside in nice weather is a very lucky situation, but I miss meeting friends like anyone else.

V: What are some tracks or beats that help with trying to stay energized, are mood boosters, easing anxieties or staying focused?

MB: The ones I selected for the playlist will work perfectly!

V: Tell us about your playlist for VMAN.

MB: I made a selection of South American artists who are shaping a kind of new wave we're calling Electro Folk. First of all, because I'm from Patagonia and this is what the kids in Argentina love the most, and also because it's a perfect playlist to listen to at home, to work, to focus on yourself, especially in this very strange period of our lives.


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