The Martinez Brothers Are DJ'ing Their Way to the Top

The Martinez Brothers Are DJ'ing Their Way to the Top

The brothers who DJ together are now conquering the fashion and music scenes together.

The brothers who DJ together are now conquering the fashion and music scenes together.

Photography: Giacomo Cabrini

Styling: Luca Smorgon


For Chris and Stevie Martinez, the world is one big creative playground. The brothers from the Bronx—who DJ together as The Martinez Brothers—have been on extensive national tours over the past decade. During the rare moments they’re sitting still, they’re often doing a residency at electro hotspots like Ibiza. They’ve come a long way from when their dad put them in the local church band as kids, a move that kickstarted an interest in music that has, obviously, withstood the test of time.

“I feel like when it comes to DJing—I say this in the most humble tone—but me and my brother got it,” says Chris when asked about his confidence as an artist. “Just getting on the decks and vibing with people and wanting to bring a happy energy to the dance floor...I think that’s what we do really well.”

“That’s not to say we don’t get nervous... in front of 10,000 people,” Stevie chimes in with a laugh. But Chris’s self-assurance is deserved. The duo has acquired nearly a million followers on their combined social channels, become two of the most coveted names in house music, and collaborated with a wide array of artists, most recently Rudimental from the U.K. Their joint track “No Fear” also features Donna Missal’s assertive, roughly textured voice layered over swelling synths and a throbbing base to brilliant effect.

The brothers have also been collaborating with fashion titans. In 2014, they went to Paris to soundtrack Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy menswear and womenswear shows. It helped launch the pair into a fast-moving trajectory that has yet to stall. In 2017, the duo created a track with fellow DJ Seth Troxler for the Louis Vuitton x Supreme commercial, providing the sonic backdrop for one of the fashion world’s most buzzed-about collabs. In the same year, the duo also became members of Fendi’s millenial-focused #FisforFendi community, a unique digital platform meant for sharing content and experiences surrounding breakthroughs in art, culture, music, and of course, fashion. Lately, the brothers have begun designing clothes themselves.

“We recently did some hats with New Era, which were super successful,” says Stevie. “Those were cool because we draw and do a lot of shit, so that was a dope outlet to showcase our artwork.” According to Chris, Stevie handles most of the pair’s own artwork, and thus transitioning into design was only natural.

Just as The Martinez Brothers extended their reach into the fashion world, they believe that their genre of house music (which remains relatively niche, despite its often uncredited impact on global top hits) will continue to broaden in popularity. “You even got people like Lil Yachty saying he wants to make techno music...I think in 2018, a lot more people are going to get recognition and get a lot more into it.”



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