Meet Jordan Bolch: Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur  

Meet Jordan Bolch: Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur  

Meet Jordan Bolch: Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur  

Emerging as a star and garnering attention through originality and artistry, the southern-born artist, Jordan Bolch, is being admired for his fusion genres of Pop, Electronic Dance Music, Rock & R&B.

Atlanta's artist has been fascinating millions with his shimmery soulful voice and his energetic dance moves and style. After starting his career with his first album, Slide, his talents were quite evident to his fans in a very short time frame which enabled him to become one of the most loved artists in the industry. While his abilities as a producer and recording artist are widely known, the 34-year-old has been consistent in his efforts to leave lasting impressions with his multi-tasking profile which also includes being a songwriter, producer, and music executive that makes him a complete professional in the music business.

Jordan's dynamic pop and lustful voice have managed to make countless grooves to his music adorned with charming lyrics and tones! Since Bolch grew up listening to music, his songs have mostly been inspired by flashbacks and engendered by the list of favorites by legends like Elvis and Sinatra. He believes in his enthusiasm and has always been determined to create something better than his last release. His energy remarkably increases with every song and has managed to produce an electrifying record every time! 


While he continues to overwhelm fans with his energy and mastered lyrics, Jordan's unique experiment with recordings starts with playing it on the piano first and later changing it to electronic music which has a bass section, drum layers, brass, orchestration, and woodwinds. His producing approach outlines a touch of inclusivity and a fresher outlook towards society and therefore, he has harmonized with the people that complement such unique ideas. The artist has teamed with legendary super producers, Richie Schwab and Patrick Collier. The three have come together for building Auricle Studios, based in Buckhead, and have managed to create new releases for winning several hearts!

With great love for music at a very young age, Jordan has bagged several exciting achievements and mastered various genres till now. He is ready in the wings to take his fans on a poetic yet energetic tour with his recent album, 'Worldwide Remixes' which is a compilation of seven songs. While every song holds a touch of exuberance, the album is mastered by Ted Jensen from Sterling Sounds in Tennessee. Each song comes with engaging hooks and uniquely planned mix which involves several genres that will be catching the attention of many! 

Since holding the abilities as a producer and recording artist, Jordan has not slowed down. Despite his meritorious adventures, he continues to pave his way for creative writing, producing, and music. While he has been balancing his business career with the creativity of producing and writing, Jordan limitlessly has been exploring his ways of doing great things, where his luxury streetwear brand, Six Feathers is an execution of one such exploration. By pushing the boundaries, the emerging star has aligned his designing interests with other talents. 

With his recent achievement of hitting millions of views on his new music video "911", the musician ceaselessly plans to bring new pleasant hits, unique tunes, and better mix in his future. Fans can find his music and videos on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and


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