Men’s Street Style at Paris Fashion Week

Monochromatic looks meet vibrant ensembles on the streets of France.

In Paris, there were two camps for men’s street style: The Dark Side, and The Colourful Coalition. However, both sides were entrenched in emotion.

At the start of PFW, Alex Badia, the editor of WWD, said it best: “You’re going to see a lot of black this week”. Indeed, many attendees wore darker tones with edgy designs. This side of menswear is dipping its toes in the moody pool of street goth.

But other individuals wore vibrant outfits, typically with outerwear as the statement piece, or eye-catching accessories such as scarves, or shoes. Some individuals, however, took the bold risks by wearing color head to toe. The members of Migos and Tyga did exactly that. This strong showing of color was the perfect counterbalance to the dark aesthetics.

Paris was the perfect way to end a few weeks of exhilarating menswear. Fingers crossed all other men follow suit.




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