Mercedes-Maybach and Virgil Abloh Collab is On the Way

Virgil Abloh, genius of fashion and multidisciplinary creator, is once again in close collaboration with the iconic Mercedes-Benz company, for the Project Maybach. 

As Virgil Abloh’s usual originality and creativity are at the heart of all his conceptions, the “polymath artist, architect, creative director and fashion designer will collaborate with Mercedes-Benz Chief Design Officer, Gorden Wagener to create an electric show car, which will be unveiled on 1 December 2021 coinciding with Art Basel Miami Beach”. 

The show promises to be unique and different from what you already experienced as they will present never seen before designs which have nothing to do with traditional blueprints nor specific production practices. 



Mercedes-Maybach, already inspiring and seducing the luxury world, from the dreamers or collectors to the royalty, is broadening its scope to the design and fashion world. Virgil Abloh, collaborating with Mercedes-Maybach is signing the emblematic era of discovery.

The innovative modern duo is pushing back the limits of style, function and practicality to another level. 



“With Project MAYBACH we define the next level of luxury,” says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Mercedes-Benz AG. “After 100 years, we transform the brand into a luxury electric future. Together with Virgil, we are writing a new rule book for Mercedes-Maybach.”



Abloh’s keen eye to details and unique sense of perfection will enable him to present exclusive and exceptional designs with the high-skilled techniques from Mercedes-Maybach. This perfect combination enables the creators to embrace their ideals to inspire and gather the next generation.

The future is now!

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