MF DOOM’s Mask is selling for Almost a Million Dollars on NFT Market place

The late rapper’s augmented reality MF DOOM masks recently sold in the form of NFT’s

Late British-American rapper MF DOOM has posthumously auctioned rare art pieces. DOOM, who passed away in October of 2020, introduced a concept to his fans of virtually augmented DOOM masks reminiscent of his own iconic mask he wore for years during his career.

Virtual reality creator company Illust Space announced a partnership with Rhymesayers Entertainment and DOOM’s wife Jasmine Dumile to auction off the augmented reality masks. Pieces were valued between 9.5 ETH (value of around $17,000) to 450.0000 ETH (value of around $800,000) and ten percent of the proceeds will go to DOOM’s estate.

DOOM started his career in music in 1988 and released in debut album Operation: Doomsday in 1999 wearing the mask so many people would remember him by. The LEGACY AUCTION consists of one of a kind virtual reality artworks that are renditions of the famous masks. The pieces, which are also virtually signed by the late artist, hit the market on March 11 and was met with success using NFTs.

NFTs, or non-fungible token’s, are digital files or a blockchain standard that use digital contracts to attribute rights to artworks and other items. NFTs can be purchased and sold just like a physical item, but its value remains the same through trading processes.

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